Apply: African Youth and Governance Conference (AYGC)

Apply: African Youth and Governance Conference (AYGC)

The African Youth and Governance Conference (AYGC) initiative annually brings together about 200 youth from close to 30 African countries and Africans in the Diaspora to discuss policy issues which affect the development of the youth in particular and African countries in general.

The conference has delegates (Committee Chairs and Committee Members) who develop conference resolutions and debate on them at the General Assembly. This activity equips delegates with the ability to research on issues and propose practical solutions within the context of intellectual debates. The conference also offers an invaluable opportunity for delegates to network with participants from several African countries.

We are pleased to announce that AYGC 2015 comes of this year from 3rd to 7th August and applications are currently ongoing.

Hosting the 7th edition of the conference in South Africa is in tandem with our rotational plan which saw the 6th edition of the conference hosted in Lusaka (Zambia) in 2014.

This year’s conference will have the following as major features:

  1. Team Building and Committee Work
  2. Diaspora Homecoming Summit
  3. Plenary session on the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. The General Assembly session (The Grand Debate)

Please find attach the conference banner and promotional video (  

We encourage you to share with other youth in your network.

For application and further information, kindly visit

We look forward to your reviewing your application and further participation in the conference.

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  1. I am so grateful to God for the dream bearers. The African Youth and Governance Conferences (AYGCs) will help African to share their problems facing their respective country..

  2. Together as one to move africa forward and in the right way

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