Internship For Mauritian Journalism & Social Work Students

Internship For Mauritian Journalism & Social Work Students

We are looking for smart and motivated interns in Mauritius that are interested in a career in journalism/media/communication and social work.

They must have strong organisational skills, drive, and can fulfil their commitments. We need two interns that can work five days a week – Monday and Friday. This is an unpaid internship, but an incredible opportunity for exposure into the NGO world is guaranteed. We will provide transport allowance.

General tasks for the Journalism Intern

  • interviewing people in a range of different circumstances;
  • building contacts to maintain a flow of news, for example, police and emergency services, local council, community groups, health trusts, press officers from a variety of organisations, the general public, etc;
  • attending press conferences and asking questions;
  • attending a variety of events, such as YUVA meetings, football matches, talent contests, etc;
  • working closely with the social media team and photographers;
  • recording interviews and meetings using shorthand or technical equipment;
  • producing concise and accurate copy according to YUVA’s style and to strict deadlines;
  • writing short ‘fillers’ to entertain, and researching and writing longer feature articles, sometimes for subsidiary publications and supplements;
  • creating and uploading news content for the NGO website;
  • ‘live’ online reporting or real-time blogging when covering important events – a growing area of work, especially on NGOs.

General tasks for the Social Work Intern

  • conducting interviews with service users and their families to assess and review their situation;
  • undertaking and writing up assessments (sometimes in collaboration with other professionals), which meet specified standards and timescales;
  • offering information and support to service users and their families;
  • organising and managing packages of support to enable service users to lead the fullest lives possible;
  • recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular service user;
  • liaising with, and making referrals to, other agencies;
  • participating in multidisciplinary teams and meetings regarding, for example, child protection or mental health;
  • maintaining accurate records and preparing reports for legal action;
  • giving evidence in court;
  • participating in training, supervision and team meetings.

To apply, please e-mail your resume to, include subject “Internship: Journalism & Social Work”

In order to apply, you need to provide us with your updated CV and your course requirements in terms of the placement. If your placement is part of your course or studies,  we need a letter from your educational institution with regard to your application. In addition we need the contact details of two references (not relatives or friends), for instance your University lecturer, employer, mentor, or priest/minister.  Please indicate that you give us permission to contact the persons to ask for a reference.

You can not apply when you are dependent on a forbidden substance or alcohol.  Interns who arrive at work under the influence of any substance/alcohol (in the judgement of the organisation) will be dismissed with immediate effect. People with previous convictions for any type of child abuse may not apply.

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