Internship in Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership at Coca-Cola Company

Internship in Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership at Coca-Cola Company

The Collegiate Chapters Council (CCC) of the American Marketing Association announces the search for the Coca-Cola Company Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership Intern for AMA student members (only).

A minimum of 1 Internship will be available and the potential for more internships (across the Atlanta area and global system) based on demand/needs. Internships will be 10-12 weeks, from mid-May 2016 to mid-August 2016, depending on Intern’s school calendar.

Requirements: Internship applicants must be full time undergraduates with Senior status in fall semester of 2016 (May 2016 and Summer 2016 Graduates may not apply), that have achieved a GPA of 3.0/4.0, are current student members at AMA Support Center, are members of an active AMA Collegiate Chapter, and are involved in developing their marketing skills both on and off campus, including demonstrated leadership roles and a passion for marketing and global business.

Each intern will report to a Director within the Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership organization within The Coca-Cola Company.  Interns will work cross-functionally with internal specialists departments to support the advancement of various global marketing initiatives.   The intern will be responsible for the timely and successful completion of daily tasks and longer-term projects related to driving business improvements within the Company.

  • Number of Internships: Minimum of 1 and the potential for more internships (across Atlanta and global system) based on demand

  • Title: Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership Intern

  • Timeframe: 10-12 weeks, ideally Mid-May through Mid-August- dependent on intern’s school calendar

  • Pay: $600 weekly for 40 hours

  • Location: Various global offices based on need such as Atlanta (must be a US citizen), Mexico City, London, Madrid, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, among other possibilities based on residency.

  • Housing & Relocation: Is at the cost and sole responsibility of the students accepting the Internship.



  • Meeting Planning and Execution: Work with Manager and Administrative Assistants to schedule meetings and plan key meetings.  Attend key meetings and identify key messages to share with the team and workstream leads. Contribute to meetings through sharing ideas and opportunities.

  • Presentation & Analytics Development: Assist team in the creation and execution of key presentations for internal meetings. Analyze metrics/data to identify critical information and trends and deliver the key findings, suggestions and comments in a highly impactful presentation format.

  • Workstream Assistance: As assigned by your manager, work with key contacts to keep work progressing, such as: developing and maintaining project plans, tackling assigned tasks, coordinating meetings to help keep work moving forward, developing relationships to progress ideas forward into action.

  • Project Management: Work with internal and external team members to manage timelines and deliverables against a variety of marketing and business related projects.

Example Projects:

  • Responsible for the overall development of all marketing communication and supporting materials for mobile app launch.

  • Assist in coordinating and planning the large internal or external Coca-Cola Company events/key meetings.

  • Share new ideas in brainstorming session to enhance program effectiveness.

  • Work with agency leads to develop

  • Develop easy to understand metrics scorecard to highlight key metrics on a routine basis.

  • Create marketing programs and communications messages such as digital marketing assets, videos, in-store programs and experiential programs.


  • Applicants will be considered only for locations where he/she maintains citizenship.

  • Candidate must be a full time undergraduate student with senior standing in the fall semester of 2016 (ie. Seniors next fall with Dec. 2016 graduation or later. May 2016 and Summer 2016 graduates may not apply.).

  • Applicants must be current dues-paying student members of AMA Support Center and members of an active AMA collegiate chapter.

  • Extra-curricular activities, especially in leadership roles

  • A demonstrated passion for marketing and global business

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale at the time of application

  • Each student will need to be a resident of the country he/she will be working in.  All applicants should clearly state his or her home country to be considered for internship.  Neither AMA nor Coca-Cola will sponsor Student Work Visas.


1. Candidates who meet the previously noted qualifications are eligible to apply.

2. The final selection of the candidate(s) will be made by the Scholarship and Awards Committee of the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council with final input from designated representatives of the Coca-Cola Company.

3. To be considered complete, an application shall include the following information

– A completed online form submitted through the Wufoo submission link

– A recommendation letter (one page, maximum) from your AMA chapter Faculty Advisor

– A current transcript (If chosen as an award winner, an official transcript will be requested)

– A current resume

– A 400-700 word essay

In deciding the relative merit of applicants and final selection(s), the candidate(s) will submit a 400-700 word essay on the following topic: Describe your participation in various forms of project management activities through AMA and other venues (e.g., extra-curricular activities, internships, jobs, etc.). Demonstrate examples of planning and execution, forming and analyzing metrics, and project management in these activities. Include comments on how these experiences have prepared you to make contributions as a leader and for the Global Marketing & Commercial Leadership Intern position.

The required materials (above) are to be uploaded to a form at at the time of submitting the application. Have all of your materials ready to upload in electronic format before applying.
Incomplete submissions (without Advisor recomendation letter, for instance) will not be considered.

Go to the online form at

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Noon (Central Time).

Candidates will be sent by AMA to the Coca-Cola Company, with contact being made by early February by Coke. The AMA will not update submitting candidates with a status.

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