World Animal Day

4 October: World Animal Day

On October 4, the world comes together to celebrate and protect animals. World Animal Day is a worldwide day of awareness and action that transcends the boundaries of nationality, religion and ideology. It celebrates protecting all animals, from companion animals and wildlife to those in captivity in places like labs, zoos and factory farms. World Animal Day unites the global animal welfare movement to raise the status of animals, and improve animal welfare standards around the world. YUVA is supporting World Animal Day because we share a mission: to ensure compassion and respect for all animals by all societies, and to fight exploitation and inhumane practices. Learn more about our duties towards animal welfare here.

Every year, people in countries around the world sign up to host events that have a positive impact on the lives of animals. From hosting veterinary clinics to leading animal protection protests and fundraisers, people have mobilized into a global force for animals each October. Whether you run a shelter, wildlife rescue, work in animal advocacy, or are a volunteer or concerned citizen, World Animal Day is the perfect time to draw attention to the animal welfare cause. Animal lovers around the globe have embraced World Animal Day, but Mauritius has been slower to embrace it. We want to change that this year, and encourage even more people to host an event and make a difference for all animals like we did in the first session of the Mauritius Youth Parliament (MYP) held on 25 September 2015 which was based on Animal Welfare.

World Animal Day’s mission is to protect all animals in their unique situations, and to make animal issues front page news around the globe. It also spreads recognition that we as humans do not live in a vacuum. Every day, we affect the lives of animals, and their issues are ours. Whether it’s providing the best care for our pets, championing the rights of lab animals, or fighting to protect the environment for wildlife, we have a responsibility to the animals who live with and around us. When animals are recognized as important, sentient beings, the world will pay full regard to their welfare and establish effective animal protection. With awareness and education reaching every corner of the globe through World Animal Day events, we can create a world that is safer and better for the animals who share our planet.

World Animal Day is not just a day of service to protect animals; it is a reminder of the bond we share with animals. So many people spend their lives with a dog or cat and devote their time and love to their care. All animals deserve that same dedication, and raising awareness will help set humane standards for their welfare. Helping animals not only combats cruelty and keeps our planet thriving with diverse life, it connects us together as human beings. No matter where we are, we all have animals who have touched our lives. The purpose of this day is for people to “use this special day to commemorate their love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world. Increased awareness will lead the way to improved standards of animal welfare throughout the world.” So go out and do something fun and positive! Empower. Educate. Collaborate. Be a part of something special this October 4th to celebrate all of the animals of the world!

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