Davina Chowreemootoo: A critical review of ”Athal,K. 2015. Ramrajya: Chapter 7: Good Governance

Davina Chowreemootoo: A critical review of ”Athal,K. 2015. Ramrajya: Chapter 7: Good Governance

The main focus is to take Mauritius in a fundamentally new direction by applying the principles of good governance. Participation being one of them highlights equality in decision making and freedom of expression and association. Participation is important for public services to be efficient. There is also much concern on the undemanding trend of women involvement in the political arena and in decision- making related to state affairs. There should be  constitutional reforms to uphold women rights and ensure admissible access  to the political arena.

While the basis of good governance is to promote human rights and decrease corruption, countries and their leaders tend to cause a deformity to the interpretation of good governance and its principles so as to adapt to their own personal schedules. This causes breakdown of the economy and brings about more corruption. When we think of fairness which relates to justice, it doesn’t to show a clear pattern. The government and its nominees do not seem to be subjected to the very same law as the citizens of the country are. Good governance will be achieved in totality only when the strategies adopted to tackle any form of defect is methodical. The restriction from civil servants on freedom of information is acting as a hindrance for the media to perform efficiently and as a result, they tend to publish information which is biased. This again digresses us from good governance as the government’s works and decisions require constant analysis from external bodies and the public.

Recent elections have shown that a bitter tie exists between our politicians, where they feel they can do or say anything to demean their opponents or win an election. This kind of anachronistic politics is unfortunately still ongoing. It is a kind of politics that is using religion as a pawn to feed the habit that prevents us from existing as one nation, by creating cultural rifts among us. A politics that believes that its young people are aimless and laid-back. This shows that there is a high level of communalism in our politics. We have at the moment, politicians who can go to any extent to cling to power. The type of politics is only holding behind our progress and creating divides among us which will take time to heal. This will unfortunately lead to an ingrained crisis in this country. Good governance will only be promoted when sound policies are systematically executed.

An unwillingness of the younger generation is greatly threatening our democracy. This is indicative of a political malaise targeting the country. This encourages our politicians to  highlight centralized power in the government. The disinterest of our politicians also sends the message that their views are passive and not valid.  Also, prior to the advent of the Mauritius Youth Parliament initiated by YUVA, there were no adequate platform for youngsters to express  their  views  on the ongoing political  matters of the country. Youngsters need to learn how to restore democracy.

A chief quality of good leadership is having a sharp acumen. The best leaders are those who embrace challenges and focus on the task at hand. They take national interest at the center of their hearts and are able to democratically pass power to the next leaders in line. Also, good politicians serve in representative democracy and show no form of partiality. Good leadership and good governance are inter-related and it is important to identify the synergy between them.

Mauritius needs leaders who are able to fight their own doubts and cynicism. We require a politics which is not between religion or gender, we require a politics which is anchored to its principles, which brings us closer to a futuristic approach of handling state affairs. Leaders need reach a politics of shared vision and sacrifice which will heal the cultural rift which is holding back our progress. Most importantly, we are to educate the population on the importance of bringing a transformational change to this country. Youngsters need to be trained on how to restore democracy and innovate smart strategies to achieve good governance in totality.

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Registered in February 2015, YUVA started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilised thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better future for children and youth of Mauritius. At the heart of YUVA’s duty lies the conviction that the collective destinies of the human race are bound together.

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