Samuel Nasralla: A critical review of ”Athal,K. 2015. Ramrajya: Chapter 7: Good Governance

Samuel Nasralla: A critical review of ”Athal,K. 2015. Ramrajya: Chapter 7: Good Governance

This chapter focuses mainly on good governance; different definitions, similar techniques and some comparison within the Mauritius model. The chapter starts with wondering if there is one definition for good governance or not. But before, he was stating that good governance can be just a term without any implementation, whereas this is kind of reality as people would talk about good governance and just idealize it but then never do any practical implementation of good governance. He refers that people just talk about good governance because they are apathy about their country and they feel they are weak to do any changes. Apathy is the root cause to kill good governance, if citizens themselves didn’t feel responsible for their countries and communities who would feel responsible then? He refers to the definition of good governance according to one of the worlds’ biggest development organization such as World Bank defined good governance as the manner in which power is exercise in the management of a country’s economic and social resources for development. The World Bank has been referred as one of the key players to make sure that good governance has been practiced not just a term. Therefore we should put in consideration its definition of how good governance related to the economic and social resources for the country. The chapters also refers that the term good governance wasn’t mentioned before 1990’s but then there was an approach for several international organization to direct the term as because they realized the vast resources that African countries have. The thing about international organizations that sometimes it serve a certain agenda, so I am not sure if the writer should have used those organization as a standard of how good governance should be or not. Since that international organization would serve a hidden agenda, we would be in the middle of not trusting their words or even procedures. Getting back to good governance, he refers that good governance is directly related to the development happening in the country, so they are both directly related to each other. We also have to pay careful attention to the administration hand in the government as this the one responsible for acting the good governance acts. By controlling and giving more empowerment to the administration part of the government would ease the process of good governance implementation. One more important pillar for good governance as mentioned by GDCR that good governance should be able to identify and respect differences within the community, they should not only make one rule for everyone but instead to make a huge umbrella that can take different people along the same line. But still here lies some responsibility on the citizens themselves, as they need to compromise a little bit for the benefit of the general rule of the country. Good governance to be modeled should have civic engagements and civil society as this the main outlook you would be looking for, this tells a lot about how a good governance society behaves.

We now move to maybe a second part of the chapter, we start talking now about some principles that need to be followed in order to ensure good governance given by the United Nation Development Program. We start by legitimacy and voice for sure stating that we should have a legalized channel in which people can vote freely without any interruption from external factors. It is also mentioned that we should pay more attention to women in Mauritius not just by telling them they should vote but there is more into this by telling them why they should vote by empowering them and let them know how important are they to the government and they are helping in the development of their own country that would benefit their children in future. Some techniques and mechanics should be followed in order to settle good governance such as accountability and transparency

I admire how the book have started with definitions of good governance and then went all up to techniques and mechanisms. It was also very beneficial that the book modeled Mauritius and showed real life examples and compared to what should be done in good governance. But I still was lacking some information of the political life in Mauritius so I couldn’t relate so much with what’s going on. The chapter didn’t mention any other success stories from other countries followed a good governance model, even though he mentioned that each country is different and has its different circumstances but I thought it would be interesting and benefited just to know how different countries approached the model in different ways and maybe learn more creative ways.

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