Private tuition in Mauritius

Can’t afford private tuition fees? You may not have to pay!

2018 will be a milestone for underprivileged primary and secondary students in Mauritius since they will be provided with free private tuition by YUVA.

YUVA is going to provide free tuition for primary and secondary students — coming from disadvantaged families — for the next 12 months. Called “Bridge to Literacy”, the project involves teachers giving all-subject tuition to primary, and English language/literature tuition to secondary students.

Students from households with a monthly income of below Rs 10,000 qualify. 100 students each from Standard III (primary) to HSC (secondary) from any school will be selected for free tuition. Their progress will be tracked over three years. The tuition sessions will be delivered every Sunday, in the north at Petit Raffray.

Note: The beneficiary can be a resident of any part of the country. However, YUVA will not provide any transport facility or transport allowance for the student to come for tuition sessions.

Krishna Athal, YUVA Executive Director, said: “We have started writing to primary and secondary schools to ask them to recommend students who need help from us. Tuition is not cheap, and we don’t want poorer students to lose out.”

More information

Application dates for primary and secondary tuitions vary, but generally close mid to late January 2018.

There is likely to be extra paperwork and requirements to be met for financial assistance; so be ready for an interview session, to provide required documents and for a home visit by a YUVA team.

To find out more, contact YUVA at or 5252 5556.

Are you a prospective beneficiary of free primary/secondary private tuition? Or do you want to recommend a potential beneficiary? Then, fill in the form below:


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