Robotics Team Mauritius in Mexico's FIRST Global Challenge

FIRST Global Challenge 2018 (Robotics): Mauritius Reaches Semi-Final in Mexico

Yesterday, Team Mauritius reached the semi-finals at the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 (Robotics) before being defeated by Teams Romania, Singapore and China.

In May 2018, YUVA had launched an invitation for application among Mauritian secondary school students to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 (Robotics) in Mexico. Among hundreds of applicants, Team Mauritius was formed in June 2018 by 3 students who were selected after an intensive interview process.

Team Mauritius consisted of 3 Science students: Anushree Luchooa (14) of Droopnath Ramphul State College, Brendon Shane Ramanaik (15) of London College and Anaëlle Marie Dhunnoo (17) of Loreto College Port Louis.

All three of them were passionate about new technologies and very keen to learn more about Robotics. FIRST Global Challenge 2018 was a platform where the kids got the chance to explore more about new technologies and our Mauritian participants aimed to achieve a lot of knowledge from the competition.

Mauritius participated in this Robotics competition for the first time, the aim of Team Mauritius was not only to give their best in the competition but also to learn more and more about this field, which keeps on innovating day by day, and to interchange their knowledge.

Reaching the semi-finals at the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 (Robotics) is a great milestone achieved by Mauritius. This is a first step towards endorsing creativity and innovation through Robotics among young students of the country.

For next year, YUVA plans to build a stronger Mauritian team so as to perform better in the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 (Robotics).

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