Kanthari Scholarship for social change-makers

Full Scholarship: 2019 kanthari intake for social change-makers

kanthari is a social organisation offering a 7-month residential leadership training program, with scholarship, for visionaries from around the globe who have overcome adversities and are keen to drive ethical, social change in our global societies.

kanthari, the flagship program of Braille Without Borders Charitable Trust (www.braillewithoutborders.org) founded by Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg, is accredited by the National Quality Council of National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) as a “leadership for social change” vocational training centre. Our name comes after a small chilli plant that grows wild in every backyard of Kerala; Small but very spicy chili with numerous medicinal values.

kanthari is for those who have fire in their belly, spice in their actions and have the guts to challenge the status quo. Yearly, we intake 20 – 25 candidates through a thorough recruitment process. In the past 10 years, 183 kanthari’s from across the globe have graduated and are leading over 130 individual organizations that are creating impactful social change. To know more details, please visit www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanthari_international.

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kanthari offers a seven-month experience-based preparation for social change. The course is specially designed for future kantharis and cannot be compared with any postgraduate study.

Previous formal education is not necessarily required. Participants who apply for this program have to be committed to a dream and a plan to create a mindset change in their community.

The result of such project is positive social change or awareness. The participants have to be highly motivated, driven and creative in order to let their projects become reality.

The program is designed for:

Visionaries who are 22 years of age or older from various countries, cultures, religions, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds can work, live and learn together.

Participants work, live and learn together in an immersive atmosphere.

Participants learn methods, techniques and theories that are relevant to their own project implementations through experiential learning methods and internships.

All participants who are selected will be supported for tuition, board and lodging during the course of their stay in the kanthari campus.

Next kanthari course starts in May 2019

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a leader of social change! Applications welcome for 2019 kanthari course that will start in May 2019. Deadline: 15.12.2018

Apply here: https://www.kanthari.org/admissions/

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