Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan on “Architecture and Leadership” at YALES

Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan on “Architecture and Leadership” at YALES 2018

At the YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018, Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan talked on “Should architecture be an important component of a leader while he/she is designing strategies?”.

About Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan

Sabeera is the Administrative and Design Assistant at T SQUARE Ltd Architects.

With 3 years of professional experience, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. While at University I was Secretary for SPACE (Student Platform for Architecture, Culture and Enjoyment) before becoming the Vice Chairperson.  I am currently a Co-opted member of the Council of MAA (Mauritius Association of Architects).

After ten years spent on the African Continent completing my secondary and tertiary education, I came back home and decided to stay in Mauritius with the ambition of participating actively in furthering the development of our country. 

I am passionate about people. I aspire to create places through architecture and design that motivate people to explore and reach their potential. Architecture is a powerful tool that can change our society for the better.

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