YUVA Academy conducts workshop with student of Patten College, Rose Hill

YUVA’s ‘Students Leadership Programme’ launched at Patten College for Grade 10

The ‘Students Leadership Programme’ for secondary schools was successfully launched by YUVA on Monday, 14 January 2019. The development training took place at Patten College Girls and our first batch commenced with around 30 ambitious students of Grade 10.

We, at YUVA, believe that every individual has leadership potentials and that their particular gifts, talents, and skills can be enhanced through education, training, and development. Leadership is a process, not a position. Therefore, YUVA has introduced this program with a broad goal to facilitate a culture of engaged and ethical leadership among youngsters.

We kick-started the day with an ice-breaking session; students were instructed to sit down next to a classmate whom they would not approach on a regular basis. They were asked to get to know each other by asking simple questions such as names, favorite subjects, dream professions. Once mingled they were encouraged to step in front of the class to introduce each other. This first activity has helped to dissolve inhibitions and encourage class participation.

As individuals, we are always looking for someone we can look up to, learn from, and thrive with. So the concept of leadership was introduced by asking participants to think about someone in their life whom they consider an epitome, what makes this person a leader?  What leadership attributes does this person exhibit? This step has urged students to think thoroughly on the traits they need to develop along with realising their life vision. They also had the chance to understand the definition of leadership based on a contemporary societal dynamic.  

This development program has proceeded with teaching students how to hone their internal leadership skills through a process where they are encouraged to identify their own beliefs, values, emotions and practices. This has been elaborated through role-plays, where students were presented with two different scenarios; the first team had to demonstrate how they would work in an airplane setting and the second group were presented with a prison setting. Participants were instructed to use their leadership skills and qualities in these given contexts. This interactive activity involves giving students opportunities to practice a range of leadership skills in a supportive, learning and social environment where “successes” and “errors” are processed and reviewed.

We have made headway and accomplished a great first session of the “Students Leadership programme”, where participants had the opportunities to understand the basic content of leadership and put their leadership skills into practice. Through the activities they have understood the necessity for the development of self-awareness and self-development, which are qualities of a remarkable leader.

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