YUVA Academy's session as Patten College, Rose Hill

First Cohort of Students Graduate from Patten College: YUVA’s Leadership & Civic Programmes

Today, we have successfully completed our four weeks of training programmes on Students Leadership and on Moral and Civic Education.

The training took place at Patten College Girls for students of Grade 9 and 10. At the end of the training, Certificates of Participation and Medals were awarded to them.

Our first session was on Leadership. The training was conducted in the presence of 34 students of Grade 10. We commenced by defining ‘Encouraging the Heart’ and talked about the principles and practices that support the basic human need to be appreciated for what we do and who we are. Encouraging the heart is about recognising and appreciating the contributions of those around us and celebrating each victory, no matter how big or small. It challenges leaders to care about their people while focusing on the team’s final goal: results.

Our second session was on Moral and Civic Education, which is an essential element and aims at fostering students’ values and attitudes. The Grade 9 students (27 students) attended the training. We discussed on topics such as ‘Ethics’ and ‘Moral Education’, which had a positive impact on the students. The mission of schools has been to develop in the students the moral virtues. Moral virtues such as honesty, responsibility and respect for others are the domain of moral education. However, Ethics are concerned with what is good for individuals and for the society. It helps categorise different values such as integrity, discipline and honesty and how we apply them in daily lives. 

Activities such as Quiz, Questions and Answers and a game called ‘honesty and lie’ were developed in both sessions to make the training even more lively and interactive. It was through these activities that the students understood the quiddity of the topics.  In a nutshell, the aim of the aforesaid training programmes was to help the students develop communication skills, awareness and abilities that will help them in the future and to make them good citizens.

YUVA’s Students Leadership Programme at Patten College (Girls):

YUVA’s Moral, Civic & Sex Education programme at Patten College (Girls):

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