Fun Day with Angels of La Foyer Mon Seigneur Leen

Invitation: Fun Day with Angels of La Foyer Mon Seigneur Leen

‘La Foyer Mon Seigneur Leen’, YUVA staffs and cohort 1 of YUVA Academy are joining together on Sunday 17th of February 2019 for the celebration of the 51st Independence Day of Mauritius. This event shall be beneficial to more than twenty needy children.

For the celebration of the 51st Independence Day of Mauritius, extracurricular activities are being organized for more than twenty vulnerable and needy children residing in a shelter called ‘La Foyer Mon Seigneur Leen’ situated in the vicinity of Rose Hill. Volunteers from the staff of YUVA and students of cohort 1 of YUVA Academy Leadership for Social Change programme will participate in the event. Beneficiaries from the shelter are set to receive gifts of healthy food and drinks. Many other activities such as drawing competition, Quiz and so forth are being organised.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness, to enable vulnerable children get access to moral education and to empower them with leadership skills to lead the world to positive change and to give them resilience and hope for the future. Games and other activities will help them interact and develop social skills and let them be who they are. The children who are mainly targeted are those who live in orphanage centres. They are between the ages of two to twelve. These children are the leaders of tomorrow and they are also children that God cares about today.

We believe that the event will provide some stability for these children who often get passed from one household to another. Also, YUVA continuously provides care for orphans and educational opportunities to needy children by providing healing to hurting hearts, hope for a better future and practical skills that can change the course of a child’s life for the better.

If you want to join us for this activity as a Volunteer, please contact the following:

Ms Houmayrah (YUVA Staff) at 2181732 or 57878213‬.

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