YUVA Mauritius participated in UNICITI Open Day

YUVA showcased its services at Uniciti Education Hub Open Day 2019

Exposed to a new milieu, YUVA was invited by the Uniciti Education Hub to participate in their Open Day held on 23 February to showcase YUVA’s values as well as YUVA Academy’s empowering programmes, namely Leadership for Social Change, The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Moral, Civic and Sex Education.

Open days serve as ideal opportunities to help attendees in making the right choice for further studies to plan a better future and to shed light on how campus life really works. As an institution which strives to provide the proper environment for quality education and unique experiences, Uniciti Education Hub proved to be the right choice to be partnering with.

The day started with the setting up of YUVA’s stand at the Open Day to provide a better visual of the organisation to the audience. YUVA’S staffs were posted at specific spots to distribute our project update to explain to attendees about our vision and mission. They were also encouraged to join the organisation to get involved into social work and community service as a way to give back to society.

Due to the wide array of individuals that Uniciti Education Hub attracts, YUVA had the opportunity to meet and discuss with people from diverse backgrounds in terms of culture, religion, gender and nationality. The audience was also made aware of the three programmes currently being run at the YUVA Academy. As the individuals began to show interest in joining the next batches of the programmes, they were also intrigued by the background of the YUVA Academy which is a social enterprise initiated by YUVA as a way to be a self-sustained organisation.

Furthermore, participants of the Open Day were highly encouraged to register for YUVA’s upcoming activity on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri for free food distribution from the 1st to the 4th of March 2019 at Grand Bassin. Additionally, the first mass invitation to YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit (YALES) 2019, which will be held on the 6, 7, and 8 December 2019, was done during yesterday’s event.

As a first experience of working alongside Uniciti’s family, the Open Day proved to be a stepping stone for forthcoming collaborations since the positive energy and soothing view enabled YUVA’s personnel to have an enjoyable experience while still being productive.

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Registered in February 2015, YUVA started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilised thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better future for children and youth of Mauritius. At the heart of YUVA’s duty lies the conviction that the collective destinies of the human race are bound together.

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