YUVA Academy awards participants

15 MITD Students Graduate in YUVA’s Student Leadership Programme

The last session of the Student Leadership Programme (SLP) was held on Monday 8 April 2019 at the Shaan-e-Rasool Mosque in Plaine Verte with students of the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD).

Throughout the programme, the students were able to learn about the concept of leadership, a topic that they were previously unfamiliar with, and to reflect on how they can cultivate leadership traits and apply these to their individual lives. The programme consisted of interactive sessions and fun activities, such as role plays, making shapes and figures out of modelling clay, speeches and dialogues to capture the attention of the students and increase their interest in the topic.

By taking examples of the leaders they admire, they learnt about the importance of being a good leader and were eager to make the necessary changes to become like their role models.

Throughout these sessions, the students demonstrated leadership traits, such as how to communicate more effectively, to understand and cater to the needs of others, how to provide assistance within one’s own capacity, how to manage projects, work in a team and delegate tasks. They began to imagine themselves as leaders of tomorrow. These activities helped the students to immerse in the varied values of Leadership.

During the last session, the students were awarded with a Certificate of Achievement on successfully completing the Student Leadership Programme. On that occasion, a small lunch was organised to celebrate the completion of the programme. The students look forward to implementing all that they have learnt throughout the programme to further develop themselves as leaders.

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