YUVA Academy's leadership for social change programme

YUVA Academy’s Leadership for Social Change Programme: April 2019 Cohort

The third cohort of the Leadership for Social Change (LSC) programme started on 7 April 2019. It is a four-session training conducted over a period of one month and trainers of the YUVA Academy deliver the programme. The purpose of the LSC programme is to inspire young leaders to develop their own understandings of what constitutes good leadership and how to apply this knowledge in real life situations.

Through this programme, the learners are provided with knowledge to equip them to become effective leaders, particularly in the business environment but which can be applicable across other sectors; and the tools for developing the skills to implement successful leadership practices. The YUVA Academy believes in training strong like-minded people so that they can give the best versions of themselves. People are not born leaders but through such programmes they can be developed into good, influential individuals with strong leadership skills.

The third session of the third cohort for the LSC programme was held on Sunday 21 April 2019. During the session, case studies were discussed where the participants learnt about the traits of a good leader. Additionally, the great leaders of the world were taken as examples to inspire the participants. The latter were taught about the differences between a good and a bad leader. Through these interactive sessions, the participants were able to see their reflections and were motivated to apply these leadership traits in their daily lives. Imbibing these leadership qualities helped the aspiring leaders to identify their goals, whether as an individual or a member of a team or organisation, through an inspirational process.

In the first half of the session, participants were introduced to the concept of ethical leadership. The topic was demonstrated through ethical dilemmas, so that participants could more easily grasp the concept and understand its application in life-like situations. Each participant presented their researches on the five sources of ethical standards that can be adopted by leaders based on their personal values and moral principles.

During the last part of the session, ethical dilemmas were illustrated through case studies, which participants had to solve. Their choices gave an assessment of their personal values and ethics, which helped them to situate themselves as aspiring leaders. This session helped the participants to become aware of what they need to work on in order to become successful leaders.

The YUVA Academy believes that there is a leader in each one of us and it enthuses everyone to be an inspiring voice, not just an echo.

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