YUVA Academy conducts leadership workshop with Hara Bhara Bharat members in New Delhi, India

YUVA empowers Hara Bhara India members with Leadership for Social Change programme

On Monday, 13 May 2019, YUVA conducted a half-day workshop at the Hotel Surya International on its Leadership for Social Change programme with young Indian activists forming part of an NGO called Hara Bhara India, which is based in New Delhi.

Founded by 18-year old Sumit Goyal, Hara Bhara India dreams of removing garbage and converting them into compost or recycling them in order to create a clean India. They are a group of engaged youth fighting for a pollution-free environment through different activities. They meet every Sunday at Rajiv Chowk in New Delhi to clean up the Central Park and the neighbouring areas, where they recycle all the collected garbage. Additionally, they conduct cleanliness campaigns in the streets of Laxmi Nagar to make their environment garbage-free. Moreover, they also organise Saplings Distribution programmes all over Delhi, to create mass awareness about air pollution.

The workshop started with each young aspiring leader introducing themselves and sharing their reasons and motivation to attend the leadership workshop. The participants were then introduced to the concept of leadership. They were asked questions that prompted them to think critically and in-depth about leadership and questioning themselves on whether what they were currently doing in their life contributing to build themselves into the leader they aspire to be. Through the use of interactional activities, including making shapes out of modelling clay, application of case studies to real-life situations and reflexive writing, participants could understand themselves better and situate themselves on their leadership journey.

Throughout the workshop, participants learnt about ethical leadership, the qualities of a good leader, the differences between a manager and a leader and the lifelong challenges faced by a leader.

The workshop concluded with each aspiring leader saying what they learnt from the session and questioning how ready they are to become leaders. The participants expressed how inspiring and thought-provoking the session was and how it kindled the spark inside them to keep moving forward in order to bring about positive social change.

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