YUVA Academy conducts moral, civic and sex education at La Gaulette SSS

YUVA launches Moral & Civic Education Programme at La Gaulette State Secondary School

YUVA Academy’s Moral and Civic Education programme has successfully been launched at the La Gaulette Secondary School on Tuesday, 28 May 2019. Our team is working with a batch of enthusiastic students of Grade 9.

The key theme of this first session is “Ethics”, which is important for juniors to become respectable people. Five specific qualities of ethics, such as perseverance, responsibility, commitment, integrity and care for others, were introduced to the students.

The first session started with an introduction of values because everyone’s daily life is influenced by their own values. In other words, values guide people through their life experiences. There are two categories of values: Innate values and Acquired values. The definitions of these two values were explained to the students in details.

After that, the concepts of perseverance, responsibility and commitment were introduced. Perseverance is very helpful when people face challenges. There is a tendency for the youth to be more easily satisfied with instant gratification, especially for these junior students who do not have many life experiences yet. Because of this tendency, young students may have poor ability to deal with pressure. However, perseverance can be a huge motivation to encourage them to achieve their desired goals, especially during difficult times. It can help the youth to resist pressure and to face challenging situations, which is why we emphasise perseverance in current times.

It is common for individuals to assume their duties while they have already had rights. However, it is easy to get off-track when people pursue their personal success. Therefore, it is important to develop an enhanced sense of responsibility in these situations. For junior students, becoming responsible individuals can solve many issues such as bullying, which is a serious problem in schools. Hence, teaching students to become responsible is necessary.

To become responsible individuals, the quality of commitment is really important. Commitment can be defined as a promise made to someone where s/he will work persistently towards the goal sets. Commitment also contributes to perseverance.

Other qualities like integrity and care for others were also mentioned during this training session. This was followed by a role-play activity. Participating students were assigned different titles and they were divided into groups to discuss their titles. The first group reflected and discussed perseverance, the second group focused on responsibility while the last group discussed commitment. After a few minutes, each group presented the results of their discussion in front of the class. These discussions helped the students to build a clear recognition of these three qualities.

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