YUVA implements Moral and Civic Education at Islamic Cultural College (Boys)

YUVA implements Moral and Civic Education programme at Islamic Cultural College (Boys)

YUVA’s Moral and Civic Education programme has successfully been implemented at the Islamic Cultural College (Boys) on 17 June 2019. YUVA team is working with a batch of 38 enthusiastic students. The first training session has discussed the topics of morality and civilisation.

The focus of this training was “ethnic”, which is important for teenagers to become respectable citizens of the country. This training described five specific ethical qualities, namely; perseverance, responsibility, commitment, integrity and caring for others.

The first section began with the introduction of values, as the daily life of an individual is influenced by an individual’s own values. In other words, values guide individuals through their lives. There are two types of values: Innate values and Acquired values (also known as external values). The concepts of these two values were precisely introduced to students.

After introducing the meaning of values, the definition of perseverance, responsibility and commitment was described. Perseverance is useful when people face challenges. Teenagers tend to be more likely to meet immediate satisfaction because they do not have much life experience.

In this tendency, young people may be less resistant to stress. Perseverance, however, can be a huge motivation to encourage them to achieve their dreams, especially in difficult times. It can help young people resist stress and break down barriers, which is the current emphasis on perseverance.

It is common for individuals to assume responsibility while they already have rights. However, when people pursue personal success, it is easy to get off track. It is important to develop a deeper sense of responsibility in this situation. For junior students, responsible individuals can solve many problems, such as bullying, which is a serious problem in schools. Therefore, it is important to tell students what responsibility is. To be a responsible person, individuals need to be committed to quality. Commitment can be defined as a promise to other’s continued work toward the set of goals, and it can also help with perseverance.

The training also mentioned other qualities, such as integrity and caring for others. For the second section of the training, there was a role-playing activity in which different titles are given to participating students, who form groups to discuss the title freely. One group consisted of 6 students and they have discussed the different themes of today’s training. After discussion, they present their analysis in front of the class.

To conclude the team has made headway and accomplished a great first session of the “Moral and Civic Education programme”, where participants had the opportunities to understand the basic content and put their leadership skills into practice.

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