Remedial Class at Goodlands

YUVA began first Remedial Class at Goodlands with 62 Secondary School Students

Throughout the formal education system in Mauritius, students are expected to conform to a standardised academic curriculum regardless of their ability. Besides, some may experience a disrupted education on account of economic and structural barriers.

As such, these students are often referred to as slow learners because they encounter difficulties in grasping the rudimentary and therefore, should be allowed to learn at their own pace. This situation cries out for remedial education. Remedial classes are synonymous to a medicine necessary to cure the slow learners of their learning difficulties and hence, improve their educational performance.

Acknowledging the long-term benefits of remedial classes, yesterday, YUVA has successfully launched a new project: the provision of free English and French remedial classes to needy secondary students living in the north region of Mauritius. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to promote an all-inclusive education by integrating poorly-performing students in the mainstream classes.

YUVA has made an attempt to provide these students with the opportunity to catch up and boost their academic attainment while respecting their assimilation pace. The focus has been on improving the literary skills of the students.

Learners of Grade 7 to 9 have been allocated to the French remedial class and they are being prepared for the National Assessment of Grade 9. Furthermore, students of Grade 10 and 11 are being equipped with the necessary English language competencies for the School Certificate Examination. The remedial classes are conducted on Wednesdays.

Prior to starting the classes, the personal details of the present beneficiaries were taken note of. The registration formalities were followed by the distribution of books to the pupils. The students showed great enthusiasm throughout the classes. Their active participation coupled with group work made the English and French sessions very interactive. Also, their queries were entertained by the tutors.

The students’ performance will be constantly monitored and evaluated on a monthly basis through short tests. Fun educational games, visual imagery, amongst other learning aids have already made headway to facilitate the learning process.

Indeed, it is a privilege for our team to work with the needy students for the free English and French remedial classes. Ascertaining their bright future is our primary objective.

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