YUVA Academy's Positive Parenting Programme at Goodlands

YUVA conducts Positive Parenting Programme at Goodlands Village Hall

YUVA, in close collaboration with the SIDUS Learning & Development Institution and the Centre for Counselling & Mindfulness, has successfully completed the first cohort of Positive Parenting Programme with 20 parents at the Goodlands Village Hall on Saturday, 10 August 2019.

This 12-hour short course aimed to equip parents with the necessary skills and tactics to be self-sufficient and to be able to cope with family issues more wisely. The final outcome of this course was quite satisfying. The parents have shown great improvements in their behaviours and perceptions.

In other words, they have not followed this course lightly or just for the sake of having a certificate, but they have also applied those skills and passed onto their family members and friends as per their testimonials. This programme has indeed benefitted those parents by boosting their confidence as well as integrating a healthy parenting style.

Several activities were organised to help those parents to understand the importance of demonstrating good parenting skills such as assessing the moral values they inculcated in their children, the activities they can use to improve their children’s behaviours and narrating short moral stories with valuable lessons that made them realise how they should always be optimistic throughout their lives.

They enjoyed each and every activity and showed enthusiasm to learn more as well as narrated their experiences and gave their opinions. This has indeed helped them to reason and assess other parents’ situations and to find solutions on how they can deal with their family problems.

 In fact, adopting a positive parenting approach helps in all developmental stages, from infancy to late adolescence, that is, reduced depressive symptoms, increased social self-efficacy and increased self-esteem among adolescents as well as decreased family conflict; decreased behavioural problems and conduct disorders among children and at the same time improving family cohesion, communication, and organisation among children and parents.

Additionally, more emphasis was put on time and stress management, for instance, how they can avoid wasting their time on trivial things and taking care of their priorities in life, such as spending quality time with their families and children. Stress management was another significant topic that was discussed during the course. Those parents were able to review their stress coping mechanisms and be conscious of being positive despite several ups and downs.

The reason why the YUVA Academy chose to implement this programme was due to the fact that recently, there has been an increase in the rate of juvenile delinquency, that is, 5.6 % in 2018 compared to 5.2 % in 2017 – where it has become one of the most difficult social scourges to tackle in Mauritius. According to research, bad parenting has a strong relationship with juvenile delinquency, and the major contributing factor is indeed the family unit- specifically, parenting, or lack thereof. In simple words, bad parenting styles are the cause of juvenile delinquency.

The YUVA Academy has taken this initiative by implementing the Positive Parenting Programme to put an end to bad parenting styles. Lastly, offering the Certificate in Positive Parenting Programme will not only empower parents but will somehow encourage them to raise healthy and educated children.

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