YUVA Academy conducts moral, civic and sex education in Bhujoharry College

YUVA brings Moral and Civic Education Programme to MEDCO Alex Bhujoharry Girls College

On Thursday, 4 September 2019, the YUVA Academy was once again able to conduct its Moral and Civic Education (MCE) programme with 47 students of the MEDCO Alex Bhujoharry Girls College.

After the classroom had finally filled up and the 47 students had taken their seats, the trainer, Mr Kris Padayachy, broke the ice by explaining that he himself used to attend this school many years ago. This relaxed the atmosphere and from then on, the students listened attentively.

After Mr Kris had loosened up the atmosphere, he started the session by first introducing himself and his assistants, and elaborated on YUVA’s aim behind the MCE programme. Afterwards, he asked the students what their goals were regarding their future plans. He also asked them about their career aspirations. Some of them had not decided yet, while others said that they would like to become lawyers or archaeologists. Some were a bit shy but the passionate coach did not give up and encouraged others to at least think about it. After the students and the trainer had exchanged wishes and ideas about their life planning, Mr Kris thematised ‘reading’.

Reading is, for him, a very important issue; the key to success, the key to education and to life. To make this clearer to the students and to point out how important reading is, he used different techniques to motivate them.

Again, he mentioned his own experiences by saying that a flyer was the first thing he read. This encouraged the students to talk about their own experiences and stories. Slowly, several students dared to come forward and talk about their reading experience. It turned out that many of them had received their first book as a gift.

The session went on with the trainer elaborating on different topics, including the environment, morality and ethics, as well as values. This will help the students to develop independent thinking as well as self-directed learning capabilities.

This first session turned out to be a success, with the students having taken a strong interest in the programme and looking forward eagerly to the next session.

YUVA’s aim behind delivering the Moral and Civic Education (MCE) programme to students across Mauritius is to imbibe in them proper values, morals and ethics so as to grow up into responsible, educated and well-developed adults as well as exemplary citizens of the country.

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