Robotics Team Mauritius participate in FIRST Global Challenge, Dubai

Team Mauritius bags Robotics Safety Award at FGC 2019, Dubai

Team Mauritius participated at the FIRST Global Challenge (Robotics) 2019 in Dubai between 24 to 27 October. Mauritius was represented by 5 young people – Anushree Luchooa from the Droopnath Ramphul State College, Tanversingh Juwheer from the Goodlands State Secondary School (Boys), Taran Dhani Varun from the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD), Devesh Takoor from the Sir Leckraz Teelock State Secondary School and Lurvish Polodoo from the Royal College Port Louis.

An initiative of YUVA, FIRST Global Mauritius aims at promoting STEM education in Mauritius by selecting and mentoring kids to form a solid Team Mauritius for the yearly international FIRST Global Challenge – “The Olympics of Robotics”.

We, at YUVA, strongly believe in STEM education for developing 21st century skills among young minds. We want to promote this nation-building cause and take this to each and every corner of Mauritius.

By bringing these future STEM leaders together in an engaging and collaborative competition that drives home the importance, excitement, and applicability of STEM education, FIRST Global inspires students to learn the skills they will need to make the discoveries their parents and grandparents would consider miracles, impossibilities, or just plain science fiction.

25 October 2019, Dubai

Today, Mauritius has won its Robotics Qualification Matches against Kenya, Argentina, Equatorial Guinea, Albania, Eritrea and Sierra Leone at the FIRST Global Championship 2019.

27 October 2019, Dubai

Team Mauritius won its qualifying matches at the Robotics Olympics in Dubai against Zambia, Guinea, Oman, Albania, Eritrea and Sierra Leone before being defeated by the United States of America, Japan and North Macedonia.

However, Team Mauritius, represented by 5 Mauritian kids this year and supported by YUVA, performed really well at the FGC 2019 in general, and it aims at endorsing STEM education through robotics in Mauritius.

Team Mauritius is returning to Mauritius tomorrow morning.

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