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Jugnauth vs. ‘Bour Li Dehor’: Should I question My Mauritian Identity?

For the whole week, every time I have been opening newspapers and my social media accounts, I have been hit by the rage and hate of people of Mauritius towards the various controversies and allegations on the Jugnauth government, namely Angus Road, Wakashio, Kistnen case, Air Mauritius crash, EU blacklist, Saint-Louis Gate among others.

At this point, like most citizens, I feel like there’s nothing good in this country. There is an atmosphere of disgust, hatred and fed-up prevailing in the Mauritian society right now. While many Mauritians wished they could opt for another country’s citizenship to see a better future for their kids and themselves, others have given up on idealism, ethics and principles at their respective workplaces because they believe that the heads of the state are already looting the country, so it’s futile to bring their small, negligible contribution to the making of a better nation.

Mauritians are pessimist about the island’s future, which was once not only compared to a country like Singapore but also to…paradise. But then, negativity sells; it is, all in all, the new fashion. I’m sure if our local newsrooms had come up with a purely positive news product, it would be less selling than that which is full of crime and gossip news. But then, at the end of the day, who is to be blamed? Ultimately isn’t it a demand-and-supplymarket?

Sitting on my armchair this evening, and reflecting on my future, largely based on my country’s future, indeed gives me a feeling of fear, apprehension and disappointment. Then, few questions are coming to my mind…

What am I doing to change the current situation?

Is the identity of Mauritius based on news posts?

Who are those committing such crimes, and why are they doing so?

Who will benefit the most by exposing them and creating a feeling of hatred and disgust in the Mauritian society?

In the whole scenario, who am I and what is my role?

Why are my opinions on my country [and the world] always based on one-sided news items?

Should the current situation question my Mauritian identity and make me feel ashamed of my country?

Is there anything good about my country, which I can pacify myself with?

I am confused… Do you want to share your perspective with me?

Jawahar Lall Athal (Krishna)
YUVA Executive Director

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