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You Know the 9 Students Selected for Team Mauritius? Check Them Out

On Saturday, YUVA conducted 38 interviews with various secondary school students to elect the official robotics teams of Mauritius, which will participate in the Global Robotics Olympics 2021.

The following secondary school students have been selected to form part of the Robotics Team Mauritius:

First NameLast NameAgePosition in TeamSchool
Aaryan Jugbandhan13ProgrammerNorthfields International School
Luqmaan Nohur14AssemblerNorthfields International School
CaellumBuys15AssemblerNorthfields International School
Dev KumarThapa17ProgrammerJohn Kennedy College
Jayesh KumarBusgeeth17AssemblerRoyal Curepipe College
Jules Shevin Capiron17StrategistRoyal Curepipe College
AbhishekTakoor17AssemblerProfessor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College
DeveshTakoor20Team LeaderProfessor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College

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