FIRST Global Mauritius 2021: Working With Robots Post-COVID-19

Whether you turn to news outlets, tech magazines, or academic sources for insight, you are likely to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to drive massive growth in automation, primarily via robots.

The FIRST Global Mauritius Team 2021 is working on strategies on how robotics can help the world post-COVID-19.

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2021 FIRST Global Challenge—Discover & Recover

Over the past year, many facets of society were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the globe, we have all been touched by difficult challenges in various aspects of our lives. However, we have also seen that STEM provides critical answers to COVID-19 and future pandemics, ranging from virtual schooling to new vaccines and medicines. In that spirit, the 2021 FIRST Global challenge will focus on advancing new ways STEM can counter the effects of a pandemic like COVID-19, and even mitigate the impact of future major events, prioritizing practical solutions to the real challenges youth and their communities continue to face across the world. Although we will not convene in person for 2021, we can use this year as an opportunity to inspire students to work toward tangible local and global change by supporting them in converting their knowledge and skills into action.

The Challenge will run for 12 weeks between 27 June and 18 September and consist of three main components. Teams will also have the opportunity to engage with STEM Talks, Technical Training Sessions, and benefit from various educational resources. More details will be released as we near the official start on 27 June.

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