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[Video] What Jayesh Kumar Busgeeth Says About Robotics Team Mauritius

Statement of Jayesh Kumar Busgeeth, student of Royal College Curepipe and Assembler in FIRST Global Mauritius!

“My name is Jayesh Kumar Busgeeth, also known as Vivek. I am 17 years old, and I live in Terre Rouge, Mauritius.

I am currently a student in grade 13 at the Royal College of Curepipe. I have always been keen on computers, how they function, how their different components communicate, etc. I am also a big car and aeroplane enthusiast. I know a lot about automation, how a machine works, and I can quickly determine how something is functioning. At school, I did Design and Technology and Computer Science for my O-Levels. After that, I chose to stay with Computer science for my A-Levels. I am very passionate about robotics as it fits in all of my passion and how the future relies a lot on robotics.

Being selected to be a member representing Mauritius for the First Global Challenge of 2021 is a prodigious moment for me as I will work with robots. This will help me develop team-building skills and also help me assess my skills and how they may help me in my future

In the team, I have been assigned the role of assembler as I am pretty good with handling tools and have a good knowledge of mechanics. I will also be helping the programmers with coding the robot that we will build as I have some experience with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.”

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