[Video] What Sohail Aaryan Jugbandhan Says About Robotics Team Mauritius

Statement of Sohail Aaryan Jugbandhan, a 14-year old student of Northfields International High School and Programmer in FIRST Global Mauritius!

“Since the age of 7, I have always been fascinated by the world of technology and science. I enjoy learning about machines, computers, their components and software programming. So far, I have accumulated a comprehensive knowledge of AI, several programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and designing HTML-structured web pages with CSS. I also enjoy working with robots and learning the concept of STEM. In the future, I am aspiring to become a software programmer. Right now, I will be doing Computer science, Physics and Additional Mathematics for my IGCSE course.

It is gratifying to be selected as a member to represent team Mauritius in the first global Challenge of 2021. I will get the chance to develop new skills and techniques in this journey and build new, enhanced knowledge about robotics. This year, I have been assigned the role of a programmer as I have prior knowledge in coding in a range of languages. I will also help the team form and analyse new ideas that our robot will use to combat a problem.”

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