STEM education through Robotics in Mauritius

[Video] What Shevin Capiron Says About Robotics Team Mauritius

My name is Shevin Capiron. I am 18 years old and currently a student at the Royal College of Curepipe.

Technology constantly tingled my senses. I have always been fascinated by its evolution, its potential and how there is no limit to it. As a kid, I would permanently dismantle electronic components, from the first Nokia 3310 to an RC car.

I always felt the need to know more (Knowledge is power, it is the key). Last year I took part in a Robotics Workshop organized by the MIE and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Therefore, I am not new to the world of Robotics

It is a pleasure and prestige to be among the nine selected for Team Mauritius. I am appointed as the strategist in charge of ideas and designs, problem-solving and any strategic factors affecting the robot.

There is more to what our brains, as a team, can achieve. I look forward to working with such bright minds and meeting with other countries.”

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