10 New Year Resolutions

10 New Year Resolutions Every Youth Should Take in 2022

A new year is full of optimism and opportunity for many young people, presumably why they want to improve themselves as the year starts. There is no such thing as a person who is completely satisfied with every aspect of their life. As a result, when the new year arrives, it’s the ideal time to implement a few positive, uplifting adjustments to kick off the year on the right foot.

Unfortunately, selecting suitable New Year’s Resolutions might be challenging at times. Choosing the correct resolutions and following through on them allow individuals to be new and better people by replacing some of their negative habits with ones that make them healthier and happier. On the other hand, choosing the wrong resolutions or failing to create a strategy to fulfil them implies that the new year will be like the previous ones.

This article lists 10 new year resolution ideas for young people of Mauritius:

1. Be more fit – Obesity is on the rise among young people. While Mauritian society has excessive expectations on people to have “perfect” physical appearances, being fit is more than just appearance. Having a healthy weight and doing physical activities regularly is beneficial to one’s health. Thus, being more fit as a new year resolution is a great way for young people to feel better about their appearances and health.

2. Drink more water – It is essential to drink enough water daily to maintain good health. Some benefits of drinking more water include maintaining hydration, improving brain functioning and physical performance, cleansing the skin or avoiding headaches.

3. Manage stress – Life can be stressful for young people, and they must figure out how to manage it. Some of the ways to control or reduce stress include:

  • Exercising,
  • Getting more rest,
  • Taking a warm shower,
  • Listening to music,
  • Creating a daily routine,
  • Breathing exercises, and
  • Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and drugs

4. Having a better sleep schedule – Sleep is essential for both the proper functioning of the body and mind. Many young people don’t have a good sleep schedule and often sleep less than the recommended hours. However, this can lead to several negative consequences for their body, health, and learning. Therefore, young people must have a good sleep schedule to ensure enough sleep.

5. Take a break from social media – Nowadays, most young individuals spend a significant amount of time on social media. However, this can also increase stress and anxiety. Therefore, taking a break from social media is an excellent way to relax and reduce screen time.

6. Read more books – Reading has many benefits, such as improving vocabulary or enhancing memory. Unfortunately, a school may often undermine the fun of reading for many young people who are often forced to read books that they have no interest in. Thus, reading more books as a new year resolution can help young people learn to read for fun. Picking three books that they find interesting to read in 2022 is an excellent way to start.

7. Spend more time with family and friends – Relationships are one of the most crucial aspects of life. Spending time with family and friends can help to increase one’s sense of belongingness and purpose, reduce stress and create happy memories.

8. Learn new skills or hobbies – Trying new things is one of the most acceptable ways to grow. Whether learning to play a new instrument or learning new sports, doing new things they have always been interested in is an excellent way to relax. Learning a new skill or hobby can help people be more confident and make new friends.

9. Giving more compliments – A little compliment can make a big difference. A single compliment can not only brighten someone’s day, but it can also make the person giving the praise feel better about themself.

10. Helping others – Helping others can be pretty rewarding. It can help young people feel good about themselves and have a sense of purpose. Thus, having helped others as a new year resolution can help individuals improve the mental health and wellbeing of others and themselves. There are several ways to help others, such as:

  • Volunteering work,
  • Donating money,
  • Donating clothes,
  • Participating in fundraisers,
  • Blood donations, or
  • Supporting a cause.
Mansi Thaneswari Hursahye, YUVA Intern and Psychological Science student at Curtin University (Mauritius)

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