World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

Collaborate, Create & Innovate: World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) is recognised globally on the 21st of April annually. The international celebration invites individuals to let go of their imagination and use fresh concepts to make this world a better place than ever.

WCID is the closing day of World Creativity and Innovation Week. It has been honoured by schools, organisations, local communities and entrepreneurs since 2002 in more than 46 countries worldwide.

Collaboration is the theme of World Creativity and Innovation’s Week (WCIW) & Day 2022. Dr Jim Friedman encouraged the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and its members to engage in 2022’s WCIW by holding events. The programmes disseminate awareness of Collaborative Practice and its relevance to promoting harmonious and comprehensive communities for sustainable development, providing fairness and creating efficient, accountable, and inclusive organisations. This week and day are commemorated by numerous organisations worldwide. In 2021, it was observed in 92 nations. Festivities vary greatly- they might be in-person, virtual, media presentations, recorded events, publications and interviews.

In 2021, YUVA Mauritius managed to reach the semi-finals of the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge, Mexico. The group comprised three students between the age of 14 and 17. More than 2,500 youngsters were inspired by creativity and innovation through this initiative. It is the first phase towards encouraging creativity and innovation through Robotics amongst our youngsters.

History of World Creativity and Innovation Day

As a reply to the “creativity crisis” in Canada, a creative specialist, Marci Segal, decided to organise a WCID. In April 2002, with co-workers’ support, she planned the first Creativity and Innovation Day to inspire people to free their creativity and use new thoughts to transform the world into a more refined place. After its success among the people, many other nations from all over the globe joined in commemorating it. World Creativity and Innovation Week was entrenched in 2006, commencing on the 15th of April, Leonardo da Vinci‘s birthday and finishing on the 21st of April, WCID. The day was picked to underline the necessity of harnessing creativity and unleashing a new mindset to create a decent existence for everybody. This day is a cause for growth and progress for the creative community worldwide since it is the moment when life is reborn with fresh concepts, activities and outcomes.

Importance of World Creativity and Innovation Day

WCID is implied to enhance the knowledge of innovation and creativity in all facets of human growth. The notion is subject to interpretation, from problem-solving to artistic expression in financial, social and environmental sustainability.

It focuses on innovation and culture as it provides economic benefit and has a significant non-monetary value that leads to equitable social progress. As per the UN, creativity, public enterprise, and innovation can give a fresh opportunity for job creation and economic growth.

Global Impact of WCIW on Collaborative Practice

IACP wishes Collaborative Professionals and Collaborate Groups would utilise this global event and affiliation with the UN to create a massive public education movement to increase international consciousness of Collaborative Practice as a dispute settlement model.  The effect of these initiatives will:

  • Advertise Collaborative Practice and its merits as an alternative for couples and families in adjustment, both worldwide and within your local areas.
  • Improve the sustainability and availability of Collaborative Practice in societies internationally.
  • Ensure that engaging Collaborative Professionals become renowned within their local areas.

WCIW can build a worldwide culture for an amicable dispute resolution by presenting the various advantages of the Collaborative Process as innovative & inventive. Where teams of multidisciplinary professionals apply their unique abilities and views to empower communities in crisis to attain peace, believe in solutions, and design customised solutions for every separation or disagreement.

Problem-solving with creativity and innovation

There may be no comprehensive insight into creativity. From artistic expression to critical thinking in financial, social and sustainable development, the idea is ambiguous. Hence, the UN designated the 21st of April as WCID to increase the awareness of the significance of creativity and innovation for human progress.

Culture and Creativity

The creative economy comprises audio-visual designs, performing arts, products, new media, visual arts, and publishing- is a tremendously transformative area of the international economies in terms of income production, export earnings, and employment creation. Culture is a crucial factor for sustainability and is a source of creativity, identity, and innovation for the person and society. Simultaneously, culture and art have a major non-monetary significance that adds to equitable social development, conversation, and cooperation.

Momentum Rekindled

On #WCID, the entire world is asked to accept the belief that innovation is crucial for unleashing the economic viability of nations. Creativity, innovation and mass entrepreneurship may generate new impetus for job creation and economic growth. It can improve opportunities for everybody, especially women and youngsters. It can bring solutions to the most critical problems like eradicating hunger and eliminating poverty.

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