Call for Applications: YUVA Board Members in India

Are you interested in having a bigger and bolder impact on the field of social work? We are inviting applications from qualified Indians residing in Mumbai to act as YUVA Board Members in India.

YUVA is looking for Board Members, on a voluntary basis, to form a team in Mumbai and drive its vision and mission. Everything we do at YUVA has just one goal: the sustained well-being of children and young people, especially the most vulnerable. We work with families, communities, and partners to ensure that children and young people enjoy good health, are educated for life, experience the love of parents and their surroundings, and are cared for, protected, and participating. More importantly, we serve all children and young people — regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

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Cognitive Abilities of Political Leaders Who Lead from the Front

This article looks at the cognitive abilities of political leaders who lead from the front. The process of cognitive ageing is complex. A critical aspect of these abilities is the speed with which many operations can be executed. The dimensions of cognitive functioning are orientation, memory, fluency, and numeracy. Studies have found an association between ageing and cognitive ability and retirement.

There are at least two reasons why understanding the process of age-related decline in cognitive abilities is essential to politicians. First, cognitive functioning is fundamental for decision making, for it influences individuals’ ability to process information and make the right choices. As many countries have moved towards individual provision systems for retirement income, decision-making becomes crucial for appropriate consumption and saving plans. Second, cognitive abilities may be regarded as one aspect of human capital and education, health, and noncognitive abilities. Politicians have focused their attention on human capital accumulation, much less on human capital deterioration.

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Amazing Facts About Global Day of Parents 2022

In 2012, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honour of parents throughout the world. The theme of the Global Day of Parents 2022 is “Appreciate All Parents throughout the World”.

Since the 1980s, the vital role of the family has increasingly come to the attention of the international community. The General Assembly adopted several resolutions and proclaimed the International Year of the Family and the International Day of Families.

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What You Should Do on World No Tobacco Day 2022

The World Health Organization decided to create World No Tobacco Day to draw the world’s attention to the effects of tobacco on health, the economy, and the environment. It is observed every year on the 31st of May.

Tobacco smoking is one of the leading risks for early death. Around 6 trillion cigarettes are manufactured annually and sold to the public for consumption. The purpose of World No Tobacco Day was to dissuade smokers from using tobacco or nicotine products for 24 hours.

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10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking

Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned, and the resulting smoke is typically breathed in to be tasted and absorbed into the bloodstream. This article lists 10 advantages and disadvantages of smoking.

Smoking is a common practice among the world’s population. Around 1.3 billion people worldwide smoke.

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Top 10 Youth Social Leaders of Mauritius

This article lists the top 10 youth social leaders of Mauritius in no particular order. Leadership remains one of Mauritius’ most significant challenges in terms of development. There is hope in the country’s youth, who have played a crucial role in public service, economic transformation, visibility and accountability.

Most young Mauritians are facing a lot of problems, mainly unemployment. Mauritian youth ought to be part of decision-making structures. The  United Nations Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth said, there is no better resource in times of trouble than young people. The initiative and resourcefulness that motivate the world’s youth are valuable.

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Top 10 NGOs in Africa

This article takes a look at the top 10 NGOs in Africa. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are independent of any government. They function outside of government influence, and their activities include environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work. NGOs work to promote social or political change in their communities. NGOs are essential in developing society, improving communities, and promoting an active citizenry.

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The Tea Culture in Mauritius: International Tea Day 2022

Tea is the second most used drink in the world after water. Tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, how people interact with tea, and the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking.

International Tea Day is celebrated on the 21st of May. This year’s theme for the International Tea Day is “Tea and Fair Trade”, which will glorify the economic benefits of tea. We observe the importance of tea and its economical, biological, and physical benefits during this day.

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Top 10 NGOs in Mauritius

This article takes a look at the top 10 NGOs in Mauritius. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) or Non-Profit organisations (NPOs) are essential for any community’s development. NGOs are independent of any government, and they serve social and humanitarian causes. NGOs in Mauritius lead the healthcare and education movements.

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4 Ways How to Live in Peace: International Day of Living Together in Peace 2022

The International Day of Living Together in Peace is celebrated on 16 May each year since 2018.

Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, the Honorary President of AISA International NGO, initiated the day. “I address this humanity of which each of you is depositary and humbly ask you to make this “International Day of Living Together in Peace” a reminder of the preciousness and urgency of the reconciliation of the human family,” he said while addressing the UN Assembly.

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Mauritius prepares for 2022 FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva

Mauritius is getting ready to participate in the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva this October. Team Mauritius is being prepared for Robotics Assembling, Robotics Programming and Robotics Strategy by YUVA’s speciality school, YUVA Academy.

The FIRST Global Challenge is an Olympics-style, international robotics competition that takes place in a different country each year. FIRST Global invites each nation to send a team to build and program a robot to compete. Teams work together to complete tasks in a game themed around one of the greatest challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task — together.

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The Fascinating Science of International Day of Families

Family is forever. It is the foundation of a society. Almost all family members get a day dedicated to them, for example, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even siblings’ day. So why not an International Day of Families?

The United Nations considers the Family a vital institution in society by celebrating the International Day of Families. The year 1994 was proclaimed as the International Year of Families by the United Nations. It was to act on the changing social and economic structures that have affected the family system internationally.

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The Qualities of a Good Daughter and Son, Listed

Although each child is unique and special in the eyes of their parents, some may wonder, what are the qualities of a good daughter and son?

All parents love their children undyingly. They want to be proud of them and make them happy. They sacrifice a lot to make and keep their children satisfied with their life. They all dream of giving birth or raising the perfect daughter or son.

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How to Master Ethical Leadership in the Modern Age

Ethical leadership is grounded in consciousness. This is clearly stated by Fred Kofman as being mindful and awake. Living this mindfulness is to perceive the world around and within us. It is also to understand our societies and respond in a way that honours their needs, values, and goals.

Not being conscious is to be mindless. Losing this consciousness eliminates the habits that foster these values. It results in the pursuit of goals that are unhealthy and regretful. It can also be defined as leaders who promote ethical conduct in their actions and relationships in their positions.

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The Best Approach to Parenting for Every Personality Type

Parenting is the activity of bringing up a child as a parent. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and complex decision-making. It aims at a child’s physical, social, and intellectual development until adulthood.

Parenting does have to be necessarily done by the biological parents. An older sibling, a stepparent, a grandparent, a legal guardian, an aunt/uncle, other relatives, or a family friend can do the parenting job. The society also has a role in parenting a child, especially orphaned or abandoned children.

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