International Day of Living Together in Peace

4 Ways How to Live in Peace: International Day of Living Together in Peace 2022

The International Day of Living Together in Peace is celebrated on 16 May each year since 2018.

Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, the Honorary President of AISA International NGO, initiated the day. “I address this humanity of which each of you is depositary and humbly ask you to make this “International Day of Living Together in Peace” a reminder of the preciousness and urgency of the reconciliation of the human family,” he said while addressing the UN Assembly.

The United Nations was introduced to protect and save the future generation after the devastation of the Second World War. It aims to achieve international cooperation in solving global problems by promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and peace for all without distinction regarding race, sex, language, or religion.

Thirteen countries took part in the first celebration of the International Day of Living in Peace: Algeria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Morocco, Cameroun, The Netherlands, Belgium, Congo, Spain, Benin, Canada, and Indonesia.  

Why is Peace important?

Peace is often defined as a state devoid of conflict or disturbance.

Peace is the only way to eliminate the wars that are dividing our world. Without peace, the world would be ruled by anarchy, and there would be no order. Progress and development can only be made when there is peace.

Peace keeps the world balanced and is responsible for integrating each individual into society. It is the only way to secure the future for the following generations.

“In a world where we regularly witness tensions, acts of hatred, rejection of others, and discrimination, the pursuit of peace and the will to live together harmoniously is more crucial than ever. UNESCO and the United Nations are striving daily to provide people with the means to achieve peace, not only because peace is one of the major goals of the 2030 Agenda but also because it is a precondition for sustainable development and the common good.”

Director-General of the United Nations, Audrey Azoulay

Objectives of the International Day of Living Together in Peace

This day aims to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding, and solidarity worldwide. People need to understand that the only way to live in a happy world is to be kind to each other. We live in a world where we are constantly at war, experiencing hatred, bullying, and racism. This has to change.

Another objective of this day is to encourage the desire to live and act together as a concept to reunite people despite their differences and diversity. It is about promoting respect, reconciliation, forgiveness, and compassion among individuals to help to ensure peace and sustainable development.

The International Day of Living Together in Peace allows policy-makers to solve economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian challenges. They make sure that the humanitarian assistance reaches all those who need it to be at peace finally.

International Day of Living Together in Peace 2022

On Monday, 16 May 2022, we will celebrate the 5th International Day of Living Together in Peace. The commemoration of this day is done through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

It is even more important to emphasize this year’s International Day of Living Together in Peace because of the plight of Ukrainians and the consequences of the COVID-19.

YUVA is one of the largest youth-led NGO. It aims to promote peace and non-violence, especially among the youth. YUVA promotes peace in each individual and how they can reflect it to the world.

Ways to live together in peace

Here are four ways you can promote peace:

  1. You should try not to control others. One cannot force people to accept their opinions. Everyone is different and thinks differently, and you should respect that.
  2. Practice tolerance. Tolerance plays a big part in peace. When people lose their patience, it can lead to depression, discrimination, and violence.
  3. Avoid conflict. Although it is good to fight for your opinions and stand up for yourself, it is not always as easy to get control over yourself during a heated argument with an unpredictable and quarrelsome person. Sometimes it is best to walk away, find a solution and ease your mind.
  4. Accept others just the way they are. You cannot change others. Everyone is unique in their way, and you need to accept them the way they are and understand them.

The Peacekeepers

The United Nations does not have any military forces, but they have a peacekeeping force. The peacekeeping force generally helps countries when there is a need by deploying their troops in any corner of the world. They are responsible for bringing peace and reducing conflict in the United Nations.

Ingrid Roussel, YUVA Intern

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