YUVA Academy conducts Team Building for Robotics Kids

YUVA Academy conducted a team-building session on Sunday, 26 June 2022 at Anse La Raie with all the young people of 14-18 years old who form part of the official Robotics team of FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

Three sub-teams were formed and tasked to build a kite out of the hidden materials (treasure hunt).

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Announcing the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge Game in Geneva

The 2022 FIRST Global Challenge Game is happening in Geneva, Switzerland this year from 13 to 16 October, where young people will represent their respective countries and compete in the Robotics Olympics.

For the first time in Europe, high school students, mentors, volunteers, and supporters from more than 180 countries will come together face-to-face in the spirit of global purpose, unity, and collaboration for the FIRST Global Challenge — a yearly international robotics competition to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among the more than two billion youths across the world. 

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Zakiya Neamuth Selected in YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius 2022

My name is Zakiya Neamuth. I am 18 years old and currently in grade 11 at Hamilton College situated at Mahebourg. I have been selected to be part of YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius for the FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

My love and interest for robotics began in November 2018 when Sophia, the humanoid, was brought to Mauritius. I must admit that this wonder of engineering, science and psychology was captivating and made me read and research more about robots since then.

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What Motivates a Political Leader to Lead Amid Crisis?

An implicit incentive for achievement is related to business performance, particularly in entrepreneurial or sales positions. However, an incentive for accomplishment is not correlated with political success; tacit motivation for power also predicts political success. Loss of control could be a crucial contrast between business and politics. But then, what motivates a political leader to lead amid a crisis?

In politics, success appears to be predicted by the desire for power rather than the incentive for achievement. In the US, the enticement scores for presidential strength are strongly linked to historians’ ratings of presidential grandeur and the making of great decisions. Presidential charisma is also favourably correlated with the desire for influence and negatively related to motivation for accomplishment. Achievement-motivated presidents are slightly weaker in terms of political ability and emotional intelligence. Besides, presidents inspired by motivation should not lack vision and determination. There exists an active-negative trend in which the president aggressively tries to do something, but gets dissatisfied, dislikes the task, and ends up defeating himself.

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Everything You Need to Know about Team Mauritius’ Abhinn Kaushik

My name is Abhinn Kaushik. I am 15 years old and am pursuing my IB diploma studies at Le Bocage International School. I am part of FIRST Global’s official Robotics Team Mauritius.

Since the age of 12, I have been intrigued by the field of robotics. It all started from a small Dr Mady’s electronic set for beginners, from where I was introduced to the concept of electronics. Later, I could implement this knowledge I gained into robotics via the Arduino. I was shocked to see the potential of this microcontroller and how it could be used to induce change in our day-to-day lives.

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Powerful Ways of YUVA to Re-Invent Education in India

Education and empowerment are vital cogs in a society’s quality of life. The status of a nation’s education and how it empowers its citizens aids poverty alleviation. Improving education and empowerment programmes serves the greater good and is sustainable. YUVA has adopted powerful ways to re-invent education in India. In this article, we will show you how.

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Why is YUVA Unstoppable in India?

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are instrumental in supporting a community. NGOs are also essential cogs that assist a country’s government mandates to its people. Often NGOs fill in the gaps the government leaves without any prejudice or interference in politics — YUVA is one such entity. But then, why is YUVA unstoppable in India?

YUVA has critical values, and its grassroots work is a testament to the actual change it effects. This makes YUVA ready to be an unstoppable force in India.

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Leadership Skills Required to Become a Strong Prime Minister

Prime ministers’ attitudes, leadership styles, and political talents matter and make a difference. In a context that enables comparison, generalisation, and appraisal, it is essential to establish ways of interpreting and evaluating the elements of prime ministerial leadership and personal style and skills. But, what are the leadership skills required to become a strong prime minister?

In order of importance, vision and political ability come first, followed by interpersonal capability and public relations, with cognitive style and emotional intelligence as less essential variables.

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The Cycling Culture in Mauritius: World Bicycle Day 2022

Cycling is a great sport, but a bicycle is not only made to compete or used as sports equipment. It is a popular leisure activity and also a means of transportation. The World Bicycle Day 2022 makes us question whether we do have a cycling culture in Mauritius.

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Mauritius adopts “Carbon Capture” as 2022 FIRST Global Challenge Theme

YUVA Academy is excited to announce that its Robotics Team Mauritius has adopted “Carbon Capture” as the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge theme.

With CO2 levels continuing to rise around the globe, now is the time to reimagine the future of our climate and innovate solutions that nurture a healthier planet for us all.

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Top 9 Young Business Leaders in Mauritius

Innovative solutions have become vital, with global youth unemployment rates at record highs. African youth are the most adversely affected by joblessness. A trend has emerged for young people to start their businesses with passionate ideas and vision. This article lists the top 9 young business leaders in Mauritius.

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