Global Youth Peace Fest by Yuvsatta

Call for Applications: Global Youth Peace Fest by Yuvsatta

Yuvsatta (Youth for Peace) is calling for youth applicants of 18-35 years old from all over the world to be part of the Global Youth Peace Fest 2022, which will be held from 30 September to 2 October at the International Youth Centre (IYC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Young people around the world remain optimistic that an inclusive, resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is possible. With creativity and dedication, they are helping develop solutions to make sure communities emerge from the pandemic stronger than before. No doubt it is young people who have experienced the brunt of the pandemic’s impact worldwide. As Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) said, “Young people are less at risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19 but will be the most affected by the long-term consequences of the pandemic, which will shape the world they live and work in for decades to come,”.

15th Global Youth Peace Fest – GYPF 2022

Yet, despite these troubling trends, young people have also been an energetic force at the forefront of developing creative solutions to an inclusive, sustainable pandemic recovery. At GYPF 2022, the organisers would like young people to have a role in every possible element that exists: advocacy, policymaking, research, environment, gender — across every possible angle”. The GYPF 2022 will brings together young people from diverse backgrounds, religions and nationalities to discuss their experiences and propose solutions for youths, by youths. This will provide them with a platform for increased cross-fertilisation of ideas. So that they become true global citizens in thinking and action and volunteer to co-create a future equal to their vast potential. The organisers assume that the continuity of organising GYPF will prove infectious and it is definite to spurt similar sprouting elsewhere.

At GYPF 2022 the focus will be on SDG 17 (Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development), which aims to reflect opportunities to renew and integrate efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.’In our outdated education system that breeds competition over collaboration, educators should consider Goal 17 as a spark for a shift in mindset. Young people should learn how to develop partnerships and build collective intelligence within their classroom, local community and even international connections.

Host City of GYPF 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s sultry capital, is a feast for all the senses. Here you’ll find historic monuments, steel-clad skyscrapers, lush parks, mega-sized shopping malls and bustling street markets. Essential parts of the vibrant mix are the incense-wreathed, colourfully adorned mosques and temples of the country’s Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. A reverence for these ancient cultures is balanced with a drive to be plugged into the modern world, a desire that’s reflected in a creative contemporary art and design scene, an ambitious riverbank-regeneration project and dynamic architecture: the new Exchange 106 tower is taller than the iconic Petronas Towers.


About Yuvsatta, India

The NGO is working in a variety of areas to steer the young people towards implementing Gandhian ideals of Constructive Programme based on voluntary effort and individual and community action. Yuvsatta’s work to promote the spirit of volunteering amongst the generation next, bridge the barriers of race, colour, religion, and nationalities plus fill in the gender and economic divides by empowering young people is more timely than ever. Each day the headlines demonstrate the human cost of this divide. Each day the hatred and distrust grow. Now is the moment to leverage this opportunity, to address this ever-more-dangerous global divide.

In so many ways our world is shrinking. And there are ever-increasing opportunities to connect with people on the other side of the globe, but generally, these opportunities are squandered. To create a more just world by empowering young change-makers from around the globe, Yuvsatta organises the famous annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF), in which a combination of cross-cultural learning workshops, volunteer service and youth activism is aligned with the work of grassroots NGOs, policymakers, and other stakeholders.


Yuvsatta envisions a world where all people are equally respected, fully protected and universally realised. Included in this vision is a world where all young people – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, gender or other differences – are encouraged and empowered to non-violently claim their own rights and serve as advocates for the rights of others.


Yuvsatta believes there are capable young leaders in every global community, who can become catalysts or ‘Agents of Change’. Bringing those leaders together to inspire change is the mission of Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF).

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Registered in February 2015, YUVA started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilised thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better future for children and youth of Mauritius. At the heart of YUVA’s duty lies the conviction that the collective destinies of the human race are bound together.

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