Chelsy Madison Tow nam, Loreto College of Port Louis

Everything You Need to Know about Robotics Team Mauritius’ Chelsy Tow

Hello, my name is Chelsy Madison Tow nam. I’m 15 years old. I study at Loreto College of Port Louis and am in grade 9. I’m part of the YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius, participating in the FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

I’m very introverted and have a lot of difficulties communicating with others, making it hard for me to make new friends. Fortunately, when I joined YUVA Mauritius, my teammates were friendly to me, making it easy for me to get to know each of them. Also, getting used to a new environment takes me a lot of time.

Chelsy Madison Tow nam, Loreto College of Port Louis

One of my hobbies is practising the sport Archery, which is interesting. I joined the Robotics team because I wanted to learn new things and how things work. I want to expand my knowledge on these subjects as I’m curious to know more and help me socialise with others more by making new friends and working as a team. Also, in the robotics team, we tried to find solutions to the problems we encountered with the environment, which made it very interesting. We always work as a team and always have excellent communication. I have been interested since I was little as my family and I watched science fiction movies together, and I always found an interest in that.

Still, since I was little, I wasn’t genuinely interested in this subject until this year when my physics teacher announced that there was something about robotics, asked if we were interested in it, and encouraged us to participate. After the interview, they said that I was accepted into the robotics team, and I am so happy about it. I’m learning new things there and am delighted about it.

Going to YUVA Mauritius every Sunday always lights up my mood because I feel motivated and like I’m doing something exciting. I was very nervous the first time there, but I felt very comfortable after some time. I just hope that I can find answers to all my questions and help the world be a better place, and innovate new things without destroying the environment. I will do my best at YUVA Mauritius and work hard to help and learn more.

Chelsy Madison Tow nam

I also hope I can help with the plans of the world, and I’m also thrilled to be part of the YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius, participating in the FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

Chelsy Madison Tow nam, Student Member of YUVA Mauritius' Robotics Team 2022

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