FIRST Global Mauritius Addressing Climate Change

FIRST Global Mauritius Addressing Climate Change

FIRST Global Mauritius is proud to continue expanding our educational opportunities to youth worldwide. The New Technology Experience is a means for the student community to stay current with cutting-edge technology.

In 2021, we introduced the concept with the CubeSat Prototype Challenge. This year, the initiative is tied to the Carbon Capture theme. Carbon Countermeasures takes FIRST Global teams beyond the robotics game as they research and develop their own solutions to combat climate change.

Addressing Climate Change

In our latest video, FIRST Global Founder Dean Kamen and carbon experts Dr Marcius Extavour of XPRIZE and Dr Wendy Queen of EPFL discuss the challenges posed by climate change and how we can go about addressing it through carbon capture, carbon removal, and investing in youth around the world!

And the Kits are Arriving!

The FIRST Global Mauritius team has been creating prototypes with its kits of parts, building replicas of Carbon Capture playing field components, and even continuing the momentum of planting trees.

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