The Most Popular Places to Visit in Mauritius Today

The Most Popular Places to Visit in Mauritius Today

Mauritius is full of fabulous places to discover and explore, from beaches and wilderness to waterfalls and lively towns. There are many locations, all equally worth visiting, but here is a list of the top 10 places to visit in Mauritius.

1. Le Morne Brabant

One of the best places to visit in Mauritius is Le Morne Brabant. This imposing mountain is located southwest of Mauritius and has tremendous cultural and patrimonial importance. Indeed, since July 6, 2008, the site has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it was a refuge for runaway slaves.

One cannot fail to visit this magnificent site, one of the most beautiful places on the island. It is on the top of the mountain where you can discover breathtaking landscapes, but to get there, be prepared to do some trekking and hiking. It may take a few hours to get to the top, but the view is well worth it.

2. Black River Gorges National Park

Those who love the forest, the green nature and the fresh air will love to visit the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest of Mauritius. This park is about 67,54 km² with easy-to-follow hiking trails to admire and observe the fauna and flora. Those who like adventure and discovery will not be disappointed as the park is home to many specimens of plants and animals.

If you’re lucky, you might see some of the world’s rarest bird species, such as the pink pigeon or the Mauritius Kestrel. Added to this is the beautiful landscape. Needless to say that it is a fantastic opportunity to take some great photos there.

3. Flic en Flac Beach

Mauritius is well known for its beautiful beaches; that’s a fact. There is no shortage of beaches, as there are many. Flic en Flac, for example, is one of the most appreciated beaches. It is located along the island’s west coast and is very easy to get to. If you like long walks and extensive beaches, Flic en Flac is perfect as it is about 8 km long.

Not to mention that one can admire the beautiful blue lagoon. It is also ideal for relaxing, enjoying the sun and swimming. It is also a great place to have a picnic under the shade of the filaos, and if you are hungry, there are many spots available to buy food and drinks.

4. Port Louis

A visit to Mauritius cannot be complete without checking out the capital, Port Louis. Port Louis is a vibrant and colourful city where there is so much to see and do. For example, the monuments and buildings that date back to the colonial era add charm to the town. It is also a trendy place for shopping, and you can see many shops and vendors. The Central Market in Port Louis is also worth a visit. It features a diverse range of local fruits and vegetables, spices and more.

You can also take a detour to Chinatown, where you will find restaurants with Chinese specialities and beautiful street art to admire. Of course, there is also the Caudan Waterfront, which is ideal for relaxing and walking around while admiring the sea and enjoying the excellent weather.

5. Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls is also a lovely place to visit in Mauritius. It is also called “Seven Waterfalls” because the seven waterfalls flow simultaneously, which adds to the beauty of the landscape. On the way, you can also admire the wild nature. However, for this excursion, you need to be in good physical condition, but above all, you need an excellent guide to ensure everything goes smoothly. Although the route may seem difficult for some, the view is well worth the effort, and there are no regrets.

6. Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs is a location to visit if one wants to experience even more paradisiacal scenery. It is one of the most popular places in Mauritius. Ile Aux Cerfs is spread across 87 hectares of untouched land off Mauritius’ east coast. The island can be reached by boat. The white sand and the blue lagoon are elements that contribute to the beauty of the place.  It is ideal for activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and parasailing. If you are concerned about food, a few restaurants on the island are available. Of course, relaxing there and sharing a good time with family or friends is more than pleasant.

7. Rhumerie Chamarel

A fascinating place to discover the rum-making process is the Rhumerie de Chamarel. The distillery is situated in Chamarel. The Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery produces high-quality, ecological rum. Also, the reason for the purity is the land where the sugarcane and fruit plantations are on.

It is fascinating to observe each process involved in the production of rum, and at the end, you will be able to taste the original and pure rum there.

8. Grand Bassin

There are not only beaches to discover in Mauritius but also places like Grand Bassin, which is a lovely and quiet location. Grand Bassin, also known as Grand Talao, is a holy temple in the heart of Mauritius. This beautiful temple is surrounded by a pristine lake and is a must-see. This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, has long been a Hindu pilgrimage site. Moreover, this location features a 33-meter-tall Lord Shiva statue, the tallest on the island. Many other Indian gods’ idols can also be found in the temple. It is also possible to see monkeys, but you must exercise caution around them. Nonetheless, it is one of the best places in Mauritius to visit.

9. Bois Cheri Tea Factory & Museum

For tea lovers and those who like to know more about tea, Bois Chéri is the right place. It is located in the south and features a tea factory and plantations. You can see how the Bois Cheri factory makes local tea and its process from start to finish. It is a relatively peaceful and quiet setting. There is a nice view there, for sure. There is also a museum where you can learn a bit more about the history of tea in Mauritius. And you can finish the visit with a tea tasting and appreciate the moment.

10. Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

The small village of Cap Malheureux in the Riviere du Rempart district to the north has a beautiful little place where the church called Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is located. The famous red roof of this small church adds to the charm of the site and blends with the picturesque landscape.

You can also see the fishermen pulling in their boats. It is also possible to have a great view of the Coin de Mire, an islet a few kilometres away. You can witness the beautiful scenery at different times of the day. There is no disappointment when it comes to the beautiful view and the peaceful atmosphere.

Léonard Marie Mégane, BA (Hons) Politics, Human Rights and International Relations student, University of Mauritius

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