5 Traditional Must-Try Food When Visiting Mauritius

5 Traditional Must-Try Food When Visiting Mauritius

Are you visiting Mauritius soon? Make sure to don’t miss out on these foods because if you do, you’ll be guilty until your next trip to Mauritius.

Mauritius is loved for its islands and white beaches. There is one more fascinating thing about Mauritius apart from its beauty that lies in its islands, beaches, culture, and climate. It is food.

Food in Mauritius is worth not missing. It has a blend of Indian, African, French, and Chinese cultural traditions. It offers food from different cuisines. The tropical location and cultural diversity influence Mauritian cuisine. It is a good mix of all cultures, which results in amazing Mauritian cuisine.

We have brought you ten dishes you must try when visiting Mauritius:

  1. Bol Renverse – Bol Renverse is a unique Chinese Mauritian dish. Bol Renverse means “upside-down bowl”. Strange? Yes! But the dish is served in a way that looks like a bowl put upside down. Its origins are East and South Asian. It is a fried egg with Basmati rice which is liked more for its presentation. A fried egg is put in a bowl with rice covered on it, and while serving it, the bowl is flipped upside down on a plate and then garnished with chopped chives, cilantro, etc. It is also known as the “Magical Bowl”. This bowl is a perfect choice for family dinners.
  1. Farata – What, you heard of Paratha? Yes, Farata is a variant of Indian paratha only. Mauritians enjoy hot farata as a breakfast with curry or chutney. It is made the same way as the Indian layered paratha with butter and oil. Farata is a famous street food in Mauritius that many Indian restaurants offer. Often served with rougaille and pickle, farata is a thing you will love in Mauritius.
  1. Rougaille – Ask Mauritians their favourite food, and most of them will answer – Rougaille. Rougaille is one of the classic dishes of Mauritius, which is mainly tomato based. Rougaille is a locally home-cooked dish of Mauritius. It is a sauce with all the spices that you can have with anything, like meat, fish, seafood, etc. This is why Rougaille is preferred by vegans as well as non-vegans. Rougaille is quite flexible; you can have your own variations with spices, onion, ginger, chillies, and cilantro. Yes, you can have your own Rougaille.
  1. Palm Heart Salad – If you haven’t tasted this salad yet, you haven’t tasted much salad yet. Palm Heart Salad is loved for its exoticness. It is made up of slices of palm trees grown in Mauritius. Hearts of palm, avocado, chickpeas, onion, and parsley are mixed to make this crunchy salad. It is also known as the “Millionaire Salad”.
  1. Dim Sums – Dim Sums are portions of vegetables or meat wrapped in dough and steamed or fried. Sounds like Momos? Yes, you guessed it right. Dim Sums and Momos are the same. Momos are the Tibetan name for Dim sums of China. Dim Sums are a part of Chinese cuisine. You can find Dim Sums in any Chinese restaurant in Mauritius served with chutney and enjoyed by people.
  1. Vanilla Tea – Don’t commit the mistake of leaving Mauritius without enjoying its Vanilla tea. Mauritian tea comes in many flavours like cinn pineapple, and vanilla. This black tea is grown in a place in Mauritius called Bois Cheri. Vanilla’s strong aroma works like coffee without the acid of coffee. Plan a visit to the Bois Cheri factory and have a cup of black vanilla tea, watching the vanilla tea leaves grow.
  1. Mauritian Curry – Curries in Mauritius are mainly inspired by Indian cuisine. But there is a difference between Indian and Mauritian curry. Onion, garlic, and curry leaves are the main ingredients of Mauritian curry. It is also not as spicy as Indian curry. You can have it with rice or bread and enjoy the flavour and essence of Creole curry.
  1. Mauritian Seafood – Visiting an island nation and not trying its seafood is something you will never decide to do. Curries and other dishes are majorly based on seafood in Mauritius. Crab curry, chilli fish, and fried squid are famous seafood you must try. Try as many as you wish until you don’t satisfy your buds.
  1. Mauritian Biryani – Biryani is loved all around the world. You must try biryani from every place you visit. Mauritius biryani is a variant of Hyderabadi biryani. Cooked with a long list of spices and grained Basmati rice served with yoghurt, biryani in Mauritius is worth eating. You will find biryani everywhere in Mauritius, and the Muslim community offers the most famous biryani.
  1. Dhal Puri – Last but not least, Indian-style flatbread. Dhal Puri is complicated to cook, but as they say, great things take time. Chickpeas are boiled, cooked, crushed, and mixed with the flour with which bread is made on a flat pan. Dhal Puris are served with chillies, chutney, and pickles. It is a famous street food of Mauritius that you must give a try.

Mauritian cuisine is undoubtedly mouth-watering. Being an island nation, Mauritius’s food is a significant chunk of seafood. It is confusing to decide what to eat and miss when visiting a new place. These ten dishes are a must to get the whole charm of your Mauritius trip. Rest, exploration is endless.

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