Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Mauritius is beautiful all over the year. Still, there is something different every month and season that you must consider before making your trip final. This article tells you about the best time to visit Mauritius.

Mauritius is an island nation located in the southern Indian Ocean. It has a tropical climate and is mostly sunny. The perfect weather makes Mauritius a desired tourist spot and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Mauritius Climate, Weather by Month

  1. January – January is popular because of Christmas and New Year. It is the warmest and wettest month in Mauritius. However, January is prone to cyclones sometimes. The time is best if you want to escape the cold weather in your home country.
  2. February – February is usually warm; so, you can wear light clothing and accessories. By the end of February, Holi is celebrated, a festival of colours that spreads cheerful vibes. Again, February is also prone to cyclones, so it is not recommended to visit Mauritius in February.
  3. March – March is a popular time to visit Mauritius. Days are hot, and evenings are balmy, complemented by occasional rainfall. Also, it’s a time of Holi; so, you will enjoy Mauritius’s festive vibes.
  4. April – April is quite hot in Mauritius. It is a great time to spend on beaches as the water is warm in summer. April is your month to visit Mauritius if you love rainfall. Pack light and rainy clothes to dance in the showers of Mauritius.
  5. May – Mauritius welcomes the winter season in May, which makes May the best time to visit Mauritius. The weather is warm but without humidity. May offers the most comfortable climate to enjoy every bit of your trip.
  6. June – June is a delightful month in Mauritius. Days are sunny, while nights are cooler. The sea temperature is perfect for water games like swimming and splashing. You may have to wear warm layers in the evening, so don’t forget to pack your pyjamas and hoodies with you.
  7. July – July is a popular time due to vacations. The temperature is usually down in July in Mauritius because of windy breezes. It feels awesome at the beaches during July because of the mild temperatures and wind that blows hair. Remember to carry your jackets with you as Mauritius will make you cold in July.
  8. August – August is the same as July in Mauritius, with a spark of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a Hindu festival, worshipping an elephant-headed God. You will enjoy watching the colourful Ganesh statues being immense into the water. Mauritius offers a public holiday on this day.
  9. September – With winter ending, temperatures in September start to rise again. Trade winds stop blowing, and the weather is dry. The sea temperature is perfect for swimming, and you will enjoy good rainfall if you visit Mauritius in September.
  10. October – October is one of the driest months in Mauritius. The temperature is high, but the atmosphere has no humidity yet. October is, however, a popular time for tourists. People visit Mauritius with their families in October. October is a festive season too. You will get to see the beautiful Diwali decorations and charming Diwali celebrations.
  11. November – Humidity tends to increase in November in Mauritius. It offers mix-up weather that is both sunny and rainfall. Carry your umbrella whenever you are on the streets of Mauritius, as you don’t know when it starts raining.
  12. December – December is another hot month in Mauritius. Temperature and humidity are both high in December. It often rains in December to lower the humidity, and everything dries quickly. Also, December is the busiest month. Christmas celebrations are at the top, and people are busy welcoming the new year. It is the best time to visit Mauritius as the weather is warm, and you will enjoy Christmas.

Every month in Mauritius is fantastic. It depends on what kind of weather you like – Summer or Winter. If you are trying to escape the hot weather of your country, visit Mauritius in March-June, while if you are fed up with cosy winters, visit Mauritius in the warm months of October to December.

Summer vs Winter in Mauritius


Summer in Mauritius begins in October and lasts till April. The weather is hottest from December to February, with high humidity, while heavy showers are expected in March and April. The temperature can shoot up to 33 C while falling to 25 C on some days.

It is a good time for festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Easter etc. Ocean breezes add to your swimming experience. It is the best time to explore the island and hike in Mauritius. Also, you will find fewer crowds during summer, making it an ideal time for introverts, afraid of crowds. With fewer people on beaches, you can comfortably lie on the sand and enjoy your cocktail. However, cyclones are common during this period, so it is recommended to take suitable precautions.


Winters in Mauritius last from May to September. You will experience heavy winds during July and August. The temperature varies between 25 C and 18 C. The weather is cool, with low humidity and little rainfall sometimes.

This is the most preferred time for visiting Mauritius. The weather suits water games like swimming, splashing, and surfing. Also, cold, windy weather is best for exploring forests and wildlife and experiencing hiking, biking, etc.

Winters in Mauritius are not cosy, and the sun does not miss come on any day. People enjoy lying down on beaches in sunny winters.

The best time to visit Mauritius is a debatable topic. Every season has its charm in Mauritius and offers the best climate. You can see what suits you best.

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