FIRST Global Challenge, Singapore: Kicking Off the 2023 Season

FIRST Global Challenge, Singapore: Kicking Off the 2023 Season

In the months leading up to the 2023 FIRST Global Challenge, YUVA will be sharing information about team activities, event preparation, and more to help you get ready for our competition in Singapore this October. Stay tuned for updates as the 2023 season unfolds!

Hydrogen Horizons: What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and has the highest energy content of any fuel by weight—about three times more than gasoline. As we move forward into a carbon-free future, hydrogen can give us the ability to grow food, build homes, transport goods and people, and power our communities with near-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

So how does hydrogen relate to energy? Learn more in our video below.

FIRST Global All-Girls Robotics Teams Host Educational Boot Camps

Thanks to partners like The Rockefeller FoundationFIRST Global is able to help our teams across the world share what they have learned and connect with their communities. This year, four all-girls teams in Ghana, Uganda, Chile, and Comoros hosted boot camps where they taught other students how to design, construct, and program a robot. Thank you to The Rockefeller Foundation for supporting these wonderful initiatives!

Teams in Action 

FIRST Global teams have stayed active in their communities after the conclusion of the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva. Whether it’s hosting boot camps, getting started on this year’s robot, or meeting with prominent public officials, our students are ready for the 2023 season!

  • Team Yemen 🇾🇪 was visited by officials from the Ministry of Education. They observed how the team’s robotics activities have grown through involvement with FIRST Global.
  • Team Côte d’Ivoire 🇨🇮 shared photos from their recent practice, which they followed up with a counselling and motivation session.
  • Team Ukraine 🇺🇦 got busy disassembling their 2022 robot to help themselves find inspiration for the 2023 FIRST Global Challenge. Every day is an opportunity to use your creativity and refine your skills!

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