All Your Burning Mental Health in Mauritius Questions, Answered

This article aims to shine light on mental health in Mauritius and provides insight into how we can better address mental health issues among its population. We will discuss existing efforts by Mauritanian authorities, organisations advocating for Mental Health improvement actions, and potential solutions.

Mauritius is an incredibly diverse country with many different cultures and religions. Unfortunately, one thing remains the same throughout: mental health. Mental illness affects people in Mauritius just like in other parts of the world – yet it often goes undiagnosed or untreated due to a lack of knowledge and awareness around this topic.

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Tips on How to Bargain in India

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips for mastering the art of bargaining so that you can save some cash and make unforgettable memories at Indian markets! Let’s together see how to bargain in India!

Do you have your sights set on India? Are you wondering how to get the best prices when shopping in local markets? Then you’re in luck! With a bit of practice and some knowledge, bargaining in India — or haggling as it’s also known — can be an exciting (and rewarding!) part of your journey.

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Top 10 NGOs in India Working for Children

The future of India and the world lies in the hands of our children. In this article, we have featured the top 10 NGOs in India which work towards improving the lives of children – with YUVA India emerging as number one!

With so many initiatives to ensure they get the best possible start to life, several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) work tirelessly towards this cause in our country. These NGOs rely on donations from individuals or institutions for daily operations, try to minimise government interference and focus solely on serving society by providing essential services and promoting education and health among vulnerable sections.

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The Declaration of Interdependence & Bill of Responsibilities: FIRST Global Challenge 2023

FIRST Global is the world’s response to urgent challenges that require a global solution. Today’s challenges do not stop in one community, one province, or one country. Global problems call for international efforts to develop innovations and the will to apply them. There is a needed role for every citizen in every country. FIRST Global is leading a movement to promote global collaboration and interdependence.

Below are FIRST Global’s Declaration of Interdependence and its accompanying Bill of Responsibilities. Together, these documents represent the foundational credo of FIRST Global: we are a community dedicated to the cooperative pursuit of a more peaceful world, achieved by innovating together to ensure the life, liberty, success, advancement, and happiness of all who share our planet.

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5 Fascinating Reasons People Like Executive Coaching in Singapore

The process of executive coaching in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular, as it has been consistently proven to be an effective way for professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of success.

Working with a talented and experienced coach can provide people with clarity on their objectives, help them develop new strategies for growth, boost creativity, and grow personal confidence. By identifying weaknesses or potential risks early on and then correcting them using goal-oriented techniques – the coaching method ensures that clients are ready to realise their wildest dreams faster than ever.

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