Devesh Takoor: The Visionary Mentor of Robotics Team Mauritius 2023

Devesh Takoor: The Visionary Mentor of Robotics Team Mauritius 2023

In the world of robotics and innovation, passionate individuals can emerge from unexpected places, and Devesh Takoor, the mentor of Team Mauritius at FIRST Global 2023, is a prime example. In this article, we dive into Devesh’s journey, from his humble beginnings at a robotics workshop to becoming a mentor at one of the most prestigious robotics competitions in the world.

“It is an honour to represent Team Mauritius at FIRST Global 2023 in Singapore”, said Devesh Takoor. “It is a privilege to guide and inspire young robotics minds as it reminds me of the path I had to take”, he added.

“Indeed, my journey into the world of robotics began when I attended a workshop on robotics in 2017 at the age of 16. It was a crucial moment for me since I could put into practice my passion. Thanks to the workshop, I got selected for a robotics competition in Mauritius, which ultimately led me to be recognized as one of the top 20 innovators in the country. This was a turning point in my life, which led me to be involved in a competition called InnovED. Even though the school I was enrolled at did not have the funds to buy a robot for our project, and there was no robotics teacher, our dedication paid off.

  • Devesh Takoor: The Visionary Mentor of Robotics Team Mauritius 2023
  • Devesh Takoor: The Visionary Mentor of Robotics Team Mauritius 2023
  • Devesh Takoor: The Visionary Mentor of Robotics Team Mauritius 2023

Robotics classes have been introduced, allowing me to continue cultivating my passion and skills. That was when YUVA Mauritius noticed my potential and selected me to participate as a student at FIRST Global, first in 2019 and then in 2020. It was an incredible experience that took me where I am now”, mentioned Devesh Takoor.

FIRST Global 2023 is an international robotics competition that brings together the brightest high-school students in the field of robotics from all over the world, aiming to empower them through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The competition fosters cross-cultural communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills, empowering students to tackle global challenges and develop innovative solutions collectively.

“As a former participant, I can say that the exposure you get at FIRST Global is significant both from a professional and personal perspective,” said Devesh Takoor. “Participating in this global event offers the students the unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, fundamental to fostering open-mindedness and personal growth. In addition, building a robot compels the students to think strategically and plan ahead, fostering their problem-solving skills”, added Devesh Takoor.

In April of this year, Team Mauritius began their journey to prepare for the competition. During the process, the team encountered some challenges. When questioned about these difficulties and his strategies for overcoming them, Devesh Takoor explained, “We did face a few challenges, especially concerning team members’ availability. Indeed, due to different school time schedules, finding a suitable day that accommodated everyone was challenging. However, my team and I decided to divide our tasks, allowing each member to contribute when available, resulting in a successful outcome.”

Devesh Takoor, the mentor of Team Mauritius, exemplifies the power of determination and perseverance in turning one’s passion into a professional career. His passion for nurturing young minds in robotics and STEM fields is an inspiring example for future individuals who want to follow his path. “Never stop dreaming; go and follow your dreams whatever it takes”, added Devesh Takoor at the end.

We wish the very best of luck to Devesh and the entire team. May your hard work and dedication lead to great success in FIRST Global 2023 and beyond. Go Team Mauritius!

Nicole Marchetti, Communications Officer (YUVA STEM Education Projects)

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