Executive Director

Krishna Athal is the Executive Director at YUVA. He also leads the operation of the YUVA Academy, under which three speciality schools have been established – School of Leadership, School of Entrepreneurship, and School of Humanities.

For the last 14 years of my journey, I have served organisations in leadership positions with high professionalism by making major corporate decisions and managing companies’ overall operations and resources. A recipient of numerous national and international leadership and innovation awards, I’ve a distinction bachelor’s degree in Business and Enterprise from Edinburgh (UK), an MBA in Leadership and Management from York (UK), and I’m currently a PhD doctorant, researching on “Leading from behind v/s Leading from the front”.

I like to think, write and talk about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Decision-Making and Strategy. This has led me to explore these topics more profoundly, write about them on renowned platforms like the Entrepreneur Magazine and Times of India, and speak about them in numerous universities worldwide.

I have given several guest lectures on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Decision-Making and Strategy in the last six years at various universities, including Michigan State University, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, TISS, NM College, SJJT University and Wilson College.

I come into play in a company when the latter intends to increase productivity and profitability by using the available limited resources. I’m eager to work with businesses, governments, and non-profits to plan, develop, implement, and direct operational and fiscal function and performance. I act as a strategic player on contracts, negotiations, or business deals that the corporation may enter.

Email: athalkrishna@gmail.com | WhatsApp (India): +91 98199 84575 | WhatsApp (Mauritius): +230 5252 5556