700 Senior Citizens Served Food by YUVA at Petit Raffray

In the context of National Day 2017, YUVA, in close collaboration with the Petit Raffray Social Welfare Centre, organised a get together for senior citizens of the village.

Apart from a cultural show, the 700 attendees were served lunch.


YUVA Launched First Event at Petit Raffray to Battle Unemployment

YUVA, in close collaboration with the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), organised a first event at Petit Raffray Social Welfare Centre yesterday morning.

This event is in-line with YUVA’s goal to reduce unemployment among young people in Mauritius.

At the event yesterday, around 200 unemployed young people of the Riviere Du Rempart District registered for the National Skills Development Programme for training in technical skills that are in high demand. The youngsters’ education level varied from form III to HSC.

The professional courses being offered to the young people are in different sectors, mainly Tourism & Hospitality, Construction, ICT and Nursing. The duration of the courses may vary from 6-12 months.

Apart from getting a free professional course, every participant would also be receiving a monthly stipend of Rs 6,000.

We at YUVA are proud to bring our brick to contribute in reducing unemployment in Mauritius.

YUVA President Krishna Athal said in his speech yesterday, “Reducing unemployment should be a top priority for every NGO in Mauritius nowadays. If our youngsters can’t secure a better future, they will frustrate and get involved into outlaws. After this first event, YUVA will organise a similar gathering at Lallmatie next month, and this will continue until we cover all the 9 districts of the country.”

Total of 14,821 Cloth Items Distributed at Baie Du Tombeau in 3 Months

YUVA conducted its last clothes distribution campaign today at Longere Tole, Baie Du Tombeau with a total of 14,821 cloth items distributed at the destination for the last 3 months.

YUVA is determined to work towards helping needy families come out of poverty and to live a life where the basics are at least meant.

YUVA had launched its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic and corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to poor and disadvantaged people.

No Povery Goal: 75 Needy Families of Cité EDC, Pamplemousses Receive Clothes

Today morning, YUVANs distributed clothes to 75 needy families of Cité E.D.C., Pamplemousses.


3 weeks left in 2016. Get out of the house. Check on people. Lot of people are going through silent pains.

YUVA has launched its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic and corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to poor and disadvantaged people.

We’re happy to announce that today’s event was also successful, as earlier. Thanks to all for their support and dedication to conduct this program, even in their busy schedule.

Volunteers are most welcome; contact us on 57086868.

No Poverty Goal: 65 Needy Families Receive Clothes at Impasse Rouillard, Baie Du Tombeau

Today, Sunday 4 December 2016, YUVA has distributed clothes to 65 needy families of Impasse Rouillard, Baie Du Tombeau. 

What a nice feeling to contribute a little time for the distribution of clothes to needy families this morning.

YUVA has launched its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic and corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to poor and disadvantaged people.

We’re happy to announce that today’s event was also successful, as earlier. Thanks to all for their support and dedication to conduct this program, even in their busy schedule.

Volunteers are most welcome; contact us on 57086868.

No Poverty Goal: 75 Needy Families Receive Clothes at Baie Du Tombeau

Today, Sunday 27 November 2016, YUVA has distributed clothes to 75 needy families of Longere Tole, Baie Du Tombeau. 

YUVA has launched its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic and corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to poor and disadvantaged people.

Several collecting points were established to receive clothes, including at Bagatelle Mall, La Croisette and Baie Du Tombeau’s Simla Way.

YUVA has a bold commitment to finish what it started, and end poverty in all forms and dimensions. This involves targeting the most vulnerable, increasing access to basic resources and services, and supporting affected communities.

Lots of people are going through pains. Silent struggles. Check on people once in a while. Ask if they’re okay. Help them. You might save some lives.

If you have clothes taking up space in your closet, why not donate them to YUVA? No matter which charity you choose, your unused clothes will do more good in a donation bin than sitting in your closet. Call on 57086868.


YUVA RDR: Understanding Climate Change and its impacts in Mauritius

In line with its Goal 8: Climate Change, YUVA District Riviere Du Rempart, held a half day Seminar at the University of Technology, Mauritius, to mark the International Mother Earth Day 2016, on Thursday, 21 April.

“According to the World Risk Report 2014, Mauritius is ranked 14th among countries with the highest disaster risk, where the Flash Flood of 30 March, 2013 proves the fact that our island is not adapting to the effects of global Climate Change.” – President of YUVA District Riviere Du Rempart, Soveeta Chengappa Naidu

The seminar started with a portrait of the current situation of Climate Change and its impact on the island of Mauritius, followed by resource persons from the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development-Climate Change division, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Center and academic staffs from the University of Technology, Mauritius, later ended by an interactive session from YUVANs of Goodlands along with a medicinal and decorative plants distribution.

To combat climate change it is important that we take consciousness of the facts that we are now entering the sixth mass extinction and we have, before us, the most serious challenge in the name of climate change. This project has been initiated because climate change is not a myth. We need to assume our responsibility because the future of the world depends on us. After reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, it has been established that humans are the main cause of global warming. We are now experiencing man-made climate change because of human activities and because of our interference with the Earth’s system. It is a fact that the majority of people are still unaware of how their daily activities are causing climate change. This project may be a pioneer in bringing forth the hidden pain and the unheard cries of Mother Earth.

We cannot deny that several human activities are causing the Earth to heat up, to be wounded, to cough and to melt. Firstly, our oceans are being depleted and we are filling them with untold amounts of trash, chemicals and plastic. Plastic takes years to biodegrade and kills many marine animals.

The second main issue is the everyday destruction of rainforests. The lungs of the planet, the Amazon rainforests, are being cleared at an unprecedented rate, and today, more than 91% has already been destroyed. If we do not act, the last place on Earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers, elephants and sunbears live together, faces the real risk of disappearing before our very eyes. The damage we’re causing to the Earth cannot even be quantified. Our climate crisis is now a global challenge and there is no turning back. The leading cause of climate change is a hard-hitting fact. Animal agriculture, which exists because of meat consumption, is a large emitter of methane, which has a global warming power of 86 times than that of CO2 and is 25 to 100 times more destructive than CO2.

Let’s get real. For years now, environmental organizations and governmental officials have encouraged society to carpool, ride bikes, conserve electricity, compost, recycle, but it is clearly not enough. This initiative may be a milestone in reversing climate change, and may be one of the most vital steps taken for a better world.

This seminar aimed in the end, that every individual attending takes as their mission the following:

  • Addressing climate change at all fronts
  • Educating people about the impacts of their daily activities on the Planet
  • Involving the community at large in fighting climate change
  • To cater for a better world by engaging people into sustainable actions.

Our Mother needs us! Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

“When it comes to climate change, it is clearly a point of no return. It needs to be tackled as efficiently and effectively as possible because we are not just fighting the impacts of climate change – we need to stop and reverse climate change.” – Oorvashi Panchoo, Project Leader

Discussion Session for International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To mark the celebration of the International day on Women and Girls in Science YUVA District of Pamplemousses is holding a talk and discussion session at International College of Triolet on the 11th of February 2016 from 10:30 to 11:30.

Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are both vital for economic development of world.  Since science and gender equality are partners in the achievement of developmental goals internationally, YUVA District of Pamplemousses is organising a dialogue session to mark the celebration of the International Day on Women and Girls in Science 2016.

This dialogue session aims at not only inspiring and engaging girls and women in science but also to promote their participation in education and training  in the field on science and at the same time promoting equal access of women and girls to employment in the field of science and technology.  Our vision behind is to have full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls, and further achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.  At the same time this dialogue session aims at raising public awareness on employment and decision-making processes in the sciences and contributing in the elimination all discrimination against women and girls.

The dialogue session targets youngster aged 15 to 18 and will be held on 11 February 2016.  The session shall be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality, child Development and Family Welfare.

In order to achieve gender equality sensitization of youngsters is also important.  It is crucial to promote career development for women in science and recognize the achievements of women in science to achieve sustainable development.

”Women Empowerment and bring in the limelight the status of women in science. My aim is also to sensitize our youngster especially girls on the achievements of women and girls in the field of Science and also to sensitize them on their roles , participation and contribution in society.” – Pooja Bhatoo, Project Leader

Clothes Distribution to 50 Children in Baie Du Tombeau

In line with its anti-poverty mission, YUVA Baie du Tombeau, in collaboration of YUVA District of Pamplemousses, proceeded with the distribution of clothes to 50 children between 4 to 12 years old, who attended a “Talk on Behaviour and Road Safety Issues”, organised by the Mauritius Police Force at the Youth Centre Cite Florida at Baie du Tombeau.

While the United Nations’ (UN) Universal Children’s Day, which was established in 1954, promotes international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide and which also works towards improving children’s welfare, there still are children that are nearly forgotten and who are living in deplorable conditions.

YUVA came forward and went door-to-door to meet these children and their families and distribute clothes. Even YUVAN who participated in this initiative can never forget the smiles of those children while they had the clothes in their hands. A simple gesture made a big impact.

To view photos of the event, click here.

Choosing my Avatar: Master or slave?

YUVA together with Judy Johnson is organising a workshop on the 3rd October 2015 under the theme: Choosing my Avatar: Master or slave? This conference will be held at Brahma Kumaris Centre, Global Peace House in Khoyrati as from 12.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m.

Judy Johnson, consultant and coach in the field of leadership development and organizational effectiveness from Canada invites you all to join her for a workshop that will help you to better choose you Avatar. YUVA is collaborating with her as it will benefit all our youngsters in exploring the ways and means to go beyond all your limitations and barriers in achieving excellence in life.

Judy works in the field of organizational effectiveness and leadership development. With a background in adult education, intercultural effectiveness, leadership and team development, she specialises in facilitating clarity in complex organizational and group situations. She assists in uncovering the inherent strengths in organizations and individuals, enhancing their ability to create and sustain focused, purposeful and positive directions.

Judy is adept in the areas of process facilitation, team development, principled negotiation, conflict resolution, experiential education design and delivery, needs assessment and program evaluation. She works with government, private sector and community-based programs and organizations in international and intercultural settings. Listed are examples of recent projects.

Judy has the ability to select and blend appropriate process tools to create clarity in groups, focus the will of the group in a common direction and enhance relationships and commitment to a collective endeavour. Through the use of silence, teaming strategies, reflective inquiry, and experiential activities, Judy uses an appreciative inquiry approach to facilitate strategic planning, teambuilding and conflict resolution retreats to strengthen organizational and group effectiveness. She facilitates consensus-building gatherings between multiple stakeholders in diverse contexts.

She has also been working directly with leaders at all levels of organizations in a one on one basis to support values-based leadership approach. In the coaching role, she acts as a sounding board and mirror to support and challenge assumptions guiding leadership approaches. In a facilitator role she works with leadership teams and/or develops programs to enhance leadership within the organization. She brings a perspective rooted in the principle that it is individual change that creates systems change and recognition that when leaders are focused on a purpose greater than profit or products will their organizations thrive.

Judy has designed and facilitated intercultural effectiveness orientation and debriefing sessions for Canadians travelling overseas as CIDA-sponsored professionals. Based on her own overseas project management work in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia, she also brings the intercultural effectiveness paradigm and approach to her work with interdisciplinary healthcare teams who cross professional cultures to work more effectively together. The principles guiding her approach to these sessions include a focus on self-awareness and self-mastery, intercultural awareness, and project management strategies.

We invite all young people to come and visit us on the 3rd of October 2015 for a very inspiring moment on how to be a good leader.

Portrait: Yudish Kutwaroo, Président de YUVA District Rivière du Rempart

À 24 ans, Yudish Kutwaroo n’a pas froid aux yeux et est toujours disponible pour se mettre au service des autres. Le Président de YUVA District Rivière du Rempart a adhéré justement l’association YUVA pour se regrouper avec d’autres travailleurs sociaux pour améliorer la qualité de vie de nos compatriotes.

Détenteur d’un BSc (Hons) Business Economics with Information System, ACCA Work, il travaille actuellement dans le secteur bancaire à la MCB depuis déjà trois ans.

Alors qu’il a commencé le bénévolat depuis le collège, des années plus tard, nous faisons face à un jeune qui jongle entre plusieurs activités : travail social, ses études, son travail, sa famille… Et surtout le désir d’aider les plus vulnérables. Head boy du collège Ramsoondur Prayag SSS, il a parrainé plusieurs projets dans son collège avec la collaboration de ses enseignants et amis pour venir en aide aux autres. Encouragé par ses parents, il a continué son parcours dans le bénévolat à l’Université de Maurice en étant membre de la Students’ Union (SU).

Yudish Kutwaroo à Grand Bassin pour la fête de Maha Shivratree.

 «  J’ai toujours eu le désir d’aider les personnes dans le besoin et c’est pour cela que j’ai choisi YUVA. Sachant qu’étant seul je ne pourrais pas faire grand-chose, j’ai décidé de m’associer avec les jeunes qui ont la même vision et les mêmes motivations que moi car ne l’oublions pas l’unité fait la force ».

Yudish Kutwaroo avec la Présidente de Maurice, Honorable Ameenah Gurib-Fakim.
Yudish Kutwaroo avec la Présidente de Maurice, Honorable Ameenah Gurib-Fakim à la lancement officielle de YUVA.

Son rêve ? C’est de réussir à motiver les jeunes à se bouger pour améliorer notre société en essayant d’éradiquer la pauvreté et les fléaux qui dominent la société. Sa devise: ”Don’t ever say that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon”.

J’ai adhéré YUVA depuis sa création et je suis le Président du district de Rivière du rempart. J’ai un grand sens d’appartenance pour cette ONG qui fait tous pour le développement des jeunes et aussi parce que j’ai déjà travaillé avec Krishna Athal, le Président de YUVA dans le passé. C’est quelqu’un qui m’inspire énormément de par son professionnalisme et de par la vision qu’il a pour la société. Voilà une des raisons pourquoi je tiens tant à m’associer à YUVA ».

Yudish avec les YUVANs de l’Amitié.
Yudish Kutwaroo avec certains YUVANs de l’Amitié, Cottage et Gokoolah.

Yudish Kutwaroo est un jeune très dévoué et c’est lui qui a parrainé le tout premier projet de YUVA qui consistait à faire des donations aux pèlerins lors de la fête Maha Shivratree. Nous avons eu l’occasion de montrer nos motivations et de donner un exemple aux autres jeunes en rassemblant les YUVANs de toutes les religions ensembles.

Yudish Kutwaroo à Grand Bassin.
Yudish Kutwaroo à Grand Bassin pour la fête de Maha Shivratree.

Son prochain objectif est de rassembler des nouveaux membres dans chaque village afin de se mettre aux services des pauvres. Il a le désire de mettre les YUVANs à la proximité du peuple. Il a pour un début déjà créé des YUVA dans quelques villages tels que Rivière du Rempart, Plaines des Roches, L’Amitié, Gokoolah, Cottage, Belle Vue Maurel, Petit Raffray et Grand Baie. Pour le moment c’est une belle réussite car nous travaillons très durs pour organiser des activités afin de nous faire connaitre.

Levée de fonds par YUVA pour financer campagnes de stérilisation

Afin de récolter des fonds pour leur association, YUVA – patronné par le coordinateur de projet, Karan Juglall – organise une soirée dansante à ABCD Night-Club à Goodlands le 7 novembre 2015. La soirée débutera à partir de 21h jusqu’à 5h du matin le lendemain 8 novembre 2015.

Cet événement permettra à l’ONG YUVA de promouvoir leurs actions et de récolter des fonds pour des campagnes de stérilisation de chiens et de chats à travers l’ile. Regroupant près de 12 000 jeunes, la fondation YUVA, créée en janvier 2015, dont le but est mettre les jeunes au service de la société, a pour objectif de récolter des fonds afin de pouvoir réaliser plusieurs projets, notamment en ce qui concerne la protection des animaux. D’ailleurs, le 25 septembre 2015, un atelier se tiendra à la Municipalité de Port-Louis pour trouver des solutions sur comment améliorer la qualité de vies de nos animaux.

Cette opération de levée de fonds reviendra en intégralité à YUVA afin de réaliser des projets pour les animaux. YUVA, en collaboration avec plusieurs ONG, compte organiser une campagne de stérilisation dans les différentes parties de l’île. Notre campagne ne touchera pas que les chiens mais également les chats. Il faudrait savoir que Maurice n’a pas seulement un problème de chiens errants mais également de chats errants qui finissent souvent sous les roues des voitures. Saviez-vous qu’un couple de chats non stérilisés peut engendrer une descendance de plus de 20 000 chats en quatre ans ?

Lors de cette campagne nous comptons également éduquer le grand public sur l’importance de stériliser son animal. Certaines personnes ont souvent une mauvaise conception de la stérilisation. Mais il faudrait savoir que stériliser son animal de compagnie, c’est aussi lui offrir une meilleure santé physique et assurer sa sécurité.

Ainsi, la stérilisation d’un chat ou d’un chien, mâle ou femelle prévient les cancers des organes reproducteurs (tumeurs mammaires et testiculaires) ainsi que certaines maladies (grossesses nerveuses, infection de la prostate, etc.).

Mis à part la campagne de stérilisation, YUVA compte organiser des ‘Pet Show’, des campagnes de vaccination et trouver un abri pour les chiens errants.

Diwali Night 2015

YUVA Triolet : Faites le don de votre sang et sauvez une vie

Savezvous que les hôpitaux et cliniques privées de l’île Maurice ont besoin de 150 pintes de sang par jour?

Afin d’aider les patients, le YUVA de Triolet organise une collecte de sang le samedi 5 septembre 2015 de 9h – 17h sur le parking de Super U de Grand-Baie. Un dépistage du diabète sera également prévu. YUVA mise sur la générosité des donneurs qui nous sommes certains ont à cœur le bien-être des Mauriciens. On fait un appel spécialement aux jeunes de venir nombreux à faire don de son sang pour sauver une vie. Pour rappel, sachez que 150 pintes de sang sont nécessaires tous les jours dans nos hôpitaux et cliniques privées pour sauver la vie des personnes qui font des d’opérations du cœur, pour les dialysés, pour les personnes qui ont besoin d’une transfusion de sang, pour les cancéreux et pour les enfants atteints de thalassémie.

YUVA Petit Raffray Distributes Clothes to Needy People

YUVA launched it’s anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic & corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to needy and disadvantaged people. (Venue: YUVA Petit Raffray)

YUVA Triolet: Mega Blood Donation & Free Diabetes Screening

YUVA Triolet, in close collaboration with YUVA District Pamplemousses, is organising a Mega Blood Donation and Free Diabetes Screening on Saturday, 5 September 2015 from 9:00hr to 17:00hr at the parking lot of Grand Baie, Coeur De Ville (Super U).

Diabetes has always been a threat for Mauritians and unfortunately, the risk is in constant growth. Mauritius is currently the first country with highest number of diabetes per capita in Africa (each 2 to 3 on 5 citizens are threatened) and in the list of first 20 countries of the world. We believe that there is a lack of awareness of diabetes and its consequences on lives of patients and their close ones. There are many illnesses which are directly linked with diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, blood pressure and renal diseases which lead patients to require hemodialysis treatment and require blood transfusion. It is to be noted that the country needs approximately 160 to 200 pints of blood a day to cater for hemodialysis and for surgeries requiring blood.

Donating blood is one of the most noble deeds a human being can do. Blood donation saves lives and we, YUVA, want to raise awareness on importance of donating blood but also how to prevent and cure other diseases related to diabetes. The event will contribute to the National Diabetes Education Programme.