INTERNSHIP: Grant Writer

The grant writer will be responsible for researching, writing and coordinating the grant application process; management of proposals and maintaining a donor database.


  • Bachelor’s degree (any field);
  • Strong knowledge of English Language, Journalism, Communications and Marketing; and
  • Good background in Accounting – financial analysis.


  • Write high-quality grant proposal narratives, applications, and supporting documents in response to a solicitation (The grant writer must understand the program for which he or she is requesting funding. To do this, the Writer must perform comprehensive research into the project.)
  • Manage the proposal submission process to ensure timely submission of all required materials.
  • Analyse the feasibility of the project’s budget.
  • Research each grant-making association’s guidelines. Strictly adhere to these guidelines.
  • Write grant applications that display meticulous grammar and spelling.
  • After submitting a grant proposal, Coordinate and follow-ups on the progress of submitted proposals.
  • If requested, submit progress reports to any grant-making organisation that has funded a programme.
  • Conduct prospect research to identify, cultivate and solicit new grants.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor.


To perform the job successfully, the candidate must be well-versed in the followings:

  • Analytical: A grant writer will need to use both analytical and creative skills. First, he or she will analyse the data. How much money can this project potentially receive? Which grant-making organisations would be most likely to fund this project?
  • Creativity: The next step involves choosing the most creative solutions for presenting the grant proposal.  
  • Problem Solving: Creative problem-solving is another talent that characterises the best grant writers. This is especially important during weak economic times, and only the most convincing proposal will win the grant.
  • Written communication: Writes clearly and informatively; varies writing style to meet needs; presents numerical data effectively; able to read and interpret written information (Systematic and thorough, with an eye for detail.)
  • Oral and Interpersonal skills: In cases where the grant writer will have face-to-face or telephone conversations with the grant-making organisation. This requires charm, charisma and a dynamic personality.
  • Cost Consciousness: The grant writer must be frugal and can work within the proposed budget.
  • Technical skills: Assesses own strengths and weaknesses; pursues training and development opportunities; strives to build knowledge and skills continuously.
  • Strategic thinking: Understands the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, identifies external threats and opportunities, and adapts strategy to changing conditions.


Job CategoryHome-based
LocationYUVA Head Office, Port Louis, Mauritius
Working scheduleRemote