Our Belief

Our belief is that achieving a new social contract that reflects a strong narrative of hope and transformation requires a concerted and systematic effort to harness strategies, expertise and resources across a diverse national base and practical cooperation with existing movements, citizens and communities mobilisation around Mauritius. Such a movement will help ensure that the next phase of the development effort leaves no one behind.

Our Vision.

YUVA is focused on making a long-term impact by helping children and young people living in poverty or not have access to basics.

We have a bold vision: ensuring Quality Education, Good Health, Empowerment and Employment for young people through our programmes to break the cycle of poverty and ensure a bright future for children and young people of Mauritius. Period.

TWO things: Breaking the cycle of poverty. Ensuring a bright future. PERIOD.

Our Values.

Our values are based on the assumption that leadership for our generation is not a singular concept but embodies the challenge of bringing together people from diverse fields and schools of thought. We have the collective challenge of building leadership that can be reflected within our communities as much as in our policies.

Mobilisation & Advocacy.

YUVA’s exclusive focus is public mobilisation, and we aim to complement current initiatives that focus on policy and advocacy through several mobilisation efforts. Just as we saw this past year ahead of the general elections, public mobilisation can strengthen the voice of civil society and help bring about absolute change in the country. A natural momentum is formed when people share a common belief. And that’s what leaders need to do: create solid and sustainable mechanisms capable of making people believe in them. YUVA’s structure differs from most NGOs. It is a decentralised approach to social development and implementation. Groups can define how they work together and which project they want to accomplish, whether at a local, regional, or national level.