School of Leadership

At the School of Leadership, we believe in building a community of strong, like-minded people who can train and become the best version of themselves. People are not born leaders but can be trained and developed into good influential individuals with strong leadership skills. There is a leader in each one of us.

The School of Leadership assists aspiring leaders to build a character of confidence and clarity and help themselves, and others do the right things. It is essential to inculcate traits that bring about a strong sense of direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about charting out where you need to go as an individual, group, team or organisation, and the whole process is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.

Whether you want to polish your leadership skills, have ambitions to grow into leadership roles or are an emerging leader in your organisation, YUVA Academy’s School of Leadership is for you. We enthuse you to be an inspiring voice and not just an echo.

Ethical and value-driven leadership and community is the need of the hour in the wake of the private and public sector scandals all around the globe. Leaders are now required to build an ethical, value-driven community that makes an organisation the provider of choice, employer of choice, and investment choice. We at YUVA Academy drive you and empower you to that leadership level.

Awaken the leader in you through this world-class experience in the School of Leadership.

Mission of School of Leadership
  1. To provide high quality and intellectually challenging training environment, instilling higher aspirations, desire to learn and excel.
  2. To expand leadership development programmes to different parts of Africa and serve its diverse people, especially minorities and geographically undereducated and low-income populations.
  3. To build an environment conducive for individual personality development, and need to rise above perceived personal limitations.
  4. To encourage a culture of leadership excellence, with an increased emphasis on ethics by developing values of discipline, integrity, compassion, respect and mutual care through team building, which extends beyond the academy into the service of the larger community.
  5. To encourage an inward journey necessary to develop self-awareness and self-development in the individual, which are qualities of a remarkable leader.
  6. To develop individuals into outstanding participants and contributors to organisations’ social and economic prosperity, society, country and the world at large by making positive impressions through their work and leadership.
  7. To affiliate with other prestigious institutions and build a sense of community with other leaders and aspiring leaders from around the globe and offer the best training and innovation experience possible.

YUVA Academy’s School of Leadership is dedicated to teaching and directly applying knowledge to improve a diverse community, to educate students to become globally competent ethical leaders working and serving a complex and ever-evolving world.