Savanne is a district of Mauritius, situated in the south of the island. The district has an area of 244.8 km2 and the population estimate was at 68,585 as of 31 December 2015.

The southern part of the island is one of the most scenic and unspoilt.

YUVA Savanne.

The Savanne District include different regions; however, some regions are further divided into different suburbs. YUVA Savanne has implemented local teams in the following areas of the district:

  1. Baie-du-Cap
  2. Bel-Ombre
  3. Bénarès
  4. Bois-Chéri
  5. Britannia
  6. Camp Diable
  7. Chamouny
  8. Chemin-Grenier
  9. Grand-Bois
  10. L’Escalier
  11. La Flora
  12. Rivière-des-Anguilles
  13. Rivière Du Poste
  14. Saint-Aubin
  15. Souillac
  16. Surinam
Map of Mauritius
Map of Mauritius island with Savanne District highlighted