Our Logo

Our logo starts by standing with the poor, listening to voices unheard, and recognising potential where others see despair.

The YUVA logo thrives on moral imagination: the humility to see Mauritius as it is and the audacity to imagine Mauritius as it could be.

It’s having the ambition to learn at the edge, the wisdom to admit failure, and the courage to start again.

It requires patience and kindness, resilience and grit: a hard-edged hope. It’s leadership that rejects complacency, breaks through bureaucracy, challenges corruption, and does what’s right, not what’s easy.

YUVA: it’s the radical idea of creating hope in a cynical Mauritius. Changing the way Mauritius tackles poverty and building a Mauritius based on dignity.

The YUVA logo is registered under the Regulation 51 of the Patents, Industrial Designs & Trademarks Regulations 2004 in Class/es 42 and 45[Download certificate here]